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Gun Cleaning Input

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Depending on the gun I usually clean them after every use. The only ones that dnt get that treatment is my plinkster and my 10/22 tactical. I usually just run a snake through them every 100 rnds or so, either that or every saturday, whichever comes 1st. I also totally field strip and soak them in hoppes soak every 500 rounds. My other guns get field stripped after every use. My ccw 45s get wiped down every nigjt if not fired. Field stripped after every use.

key materials:
1) win powder blaster
2) bore snakes
3) tshirt pieces
4) fiber glass 1 piece cleaning rod
5) s&w cleanning kit for pistols
6) basic cleanning kit from walmart
7) hoppes gun soak and bore butter
8) 3-n-1 oil
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I have switched to AK,s. I hate cleaning guns, so most time time I leave nice blued gunns in the safe take them out and wipe them down and luv on em a few times a year.
For my taurus pt24/7 OSS45, and my AK,s. spray them out with break free power blast, then fill them full of break free CLP. After setting a few hours, I blow them out with some compressed air, and run a bore snake through them and wipe them down. For 22's every brick or so they get much the same treatment.
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In the army we would break down and clean our weapons all the time even if they weren't fired.

I clean after every trip to the range even if as few as 1 shot fired.

1) patch down the barrel a few times with oil
2) Q-tips with oil clean the open chamber and bolt
3) on the rifles where the bolt is easily out like the AR & Rem 700 get wiped down with an oil cloth

I don't break them down further unless they go on a trip out in the ruck. The rest of the gun just doesn't get dirty on the table at the range.

I do enjoy cleaning the weapons even more than shooting.
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I don't always clean my guns after shooting. My match ARs only get a thorough cleaning once a year, my M1 Garands a bit more often depending on use. If I ran just a few rounds, then I normally just run a patch or 2 down the bore soaked with gun oil. If I shoot a good amount, I'll use a bore solvent(Hoppe's 9, Shooter's Choice or Sweet's 7.62). I'll let it soak while I clean some other parts, then I'll run a brush, then some more patches soaked up with solvent until they come out clean, then I will run oiled patches through the bore until clean. On my rifles I use automotive white lithium grease on rails, bolts, slides and oil on everything else.
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Originally Posted by Sirvive View Post
Clean when you feel like it, I guess but...

I don't bathe my cats or wash my car so why would I clean any firearms. IMHO

It's a waste of time and money to clean firearms. I don't shoot them enough to really get them dirty..and when they are so what. They work just fine for me. I got other things to do than clean a gun.

Probably not what people want to hear but cleaning is overated and people get so obsessed.
I beg to differ on this one. I got my first gun, a 1911, on consignment and when I first shot it, I had problems with it jamming (ammo was getting caught feeding into the barrel.) I took it home, took it apart, and cleaned and oiled it. This helped some, but I was still having some issues. Then I read online that a lot of times, the magazine is at fault with this type of issue so I searched for instructions on how to clean the magazine. I found a video, took it apart, cleaned it, very lightly oiled the spring, and put it back together. Now everything works great. This was a great lesson for don't want anything to jam when you need it the most.

Oh yeah, to add to my previous cleaning description...occasionally I clean the magazines as well.
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I abhor dirty weapons. I detest cleaning them. I'm a lazy sob. Detest + Lazy trumps Abhor thus I only clean when they start to malfunction. Usually spray Berrymans Carb Cleaner in action and down barrel then spray some Rem oil in action and good to go again.

If really dirty, I put pistols and breakdown smaller rifles and smg's and put in dishwasher (only do when wife is gone all day) on heavy duty cycle then spray with Rem oil. If I have to clean a weapon more frequently than every thousand rounds +/-, I clean it really good right before I sell it at next gun show.
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I use bore snakes for all barrels, no more rods. Carbon cleaned with GM top engine cleaning fluid. Bore and powder with Kroil and a coat of Renaissance Wax.
Clean again after shooting, except 22's, and them I just wipe the outside down.
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I say it depends on which gun it is. My CCW instructor has a Sig 226 that has nearly 20,000 rds since it was last cleaned. It's his test and he has a lot of fun talking about it. My working guns are cleaned every week or after each use. Too many lives depend on them working, like mine. I had been using Hoppes and I bought several of the rectangle cans of military bore cleaner years ago for a quarter a piece at a gun show. It works fine. I swab with bore cleaner then Simple Green then Dextron ATF . Now that I am running out of the milky white military bore cleaner I am testing STP injector cleaner which seems to work fine. I have heard several reports that Hoppes has damaged several plastic guns like Glocks so I am careful about that. I live in the dry desert so I well oil all metal and then a clean wipe down. I like Gun Silk grease (the red stuff) but a 90 wt moly or moly grease will do nicely just a pinch on the tip of a q-tip on your slides. I finish off my working guns in the barrels fit Fitz polish. I love wood furniture and keep mine well oiled with a mixture of 1/3 linseed oil, 1/3 tongue oil and 1/3 turpentine. I also use a wall paper paste tub to lay my long gun barrels in to soak and clean. They are cheep at Home Depot like 2.99. I have even blued some old barrels and actions in them. When shooting corrosive ammo always try to shot a couple rds of non-corrosive at the end. It is supposed to help clear out the corrosive deposits. Works for me but I only have 20 years experience on the Mosin and AK's seems I'm just a puppy in this field.
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I clean any firearm I use after it is used. I use hoppes 9 and ballistol clean completely and lube so that it will be ready for use at any time I select it.

I use bronze bore brushes, patches, toothbrushes and clean till all white patches are unsoiled. I use a multitude of lubes including synthetic motor oil.
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Well I only own one gun, a Mosin Nagant and I shoot it sparingly (Maybe once every 2-3 months).

What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

I clean the gun when I get back from the range every time since the surplus rounds are all corrosive and my '33 is in excellent shape I'd like to keep it that way. Given I don't shoot that much I imagine it would be very bad to let it sit with the residue in it as well for as long as I leave it in its gun case.

How do you clean your guns?

With the Mosin I just remove the bolt and typically use some of this Winchester cleaning fluid (Part of a kit I bought when I first bought the gun). I put some of the little cleaning square cloths with the gun cleaning solution on them on the cleaning rod (The one in the kit, I don't mess with the Mosin's) and I push it through, remove the cloth and repeat. This last time I tried some windex since others had suggested it - seemed to work okay as well.

After the cloths stop coming out black and look clean I run 2-3 dry cloths through to make sure I have all the residue off and then touch up any spots I can see around the receiver. Once done I put it away for the next trip to the range. I never disassemble the bolt and clean it, TBH I'd end up losing something and the gun has fired without a misfire every time I've shot it since I bought it - so I'm thinking it's fine. I'll leave the obsessive cleaning to those AR-15 guys

I'm looking to buy a semi-auto pistol sometime soon, cleaning was the biggest drawback for me but I've been more open to doing it (Can't be as hard since they're so small too). But no I don't do any of the gun blue polish or other stuff. The Mosin is a tough gun and I'm pretty sure I give it more love than the old soldiers used to - still going strong 78 years later
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