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Gun Cleaning Input

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Now days I clean about after every 100 to 200 rounds which is about what I shoot in a day when I go out. Pretty much just clean the barrel for these intervels and wipe down the outside. Once a year I'll tear down the entire firearm and give it the once over and clean as necessary. I don't oil or grease my firearms much anymore except for the bare minimum on contact wear spots and that may be done about every 3 to 4 times out but mostly at the once a year tear down inspection and cleaning. Corrosion for where I live isn't much of an issue but in other areas of the country it could be. For those areas I'd probably use a light coat of oil inside and out to protect from rust if the firearms sat around for very long.

I've started using Sharp Shoot R Precision Products Wipe Out foam bore cleaner and their Carb Out cleaner on my rifles and have had good luck so far with these products. I still use Hopps #9 for the shotguns. I use plastic bore brushes as they don't false indicate copper like the brass bore brushes do. For grease I'm using that red type and the current brand in my kit is made by Shooters Choice. They call it their All Weather High-Tech Grease. I've used this type of grease by several brand names for quite a few years now and it stays put and works well.

I also use a product called Lead Wipe to remove lead from the cheap wad cutters I've used. This cloth product, that I cut up into patches, has worked well for me when it comes to lead build up removal. Sharp Shoot R.. makes a product for this but I havn't tried it yet.
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It depends on the gun. I have a 22 rimfire, Rem. Model 37, that I have owned for about 2 years now and have never cleaned. The guy I bought it from never cleaned it and told me not to. It still takes first in over 80% of the shoots I enter and has never finished lower than second. With my Browning shotguns I run a bore snake through the barrel as soon as I`m done shooting them, for some reason the barrels on them rust in days if not cleaned. With my centerfire rifles it varies greatly depending on how bad they foul. The ones I carry in the truck might get cleaned once a month, it lucky, but that is usually just the outside to keep from rusting. If a gun won`t shoot good drity I won`t own it long.
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I clean all my guns , once a year, whether fired or not. Make an afternoon of it. I also clean any guns that I shoot at the range, within a day or so of the shoot. Keep them clean , keep them lubed, they last a long time.
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Default Gun Cleaning

Whenever I think it needs it, unless it will be stored for awhile then it's cleaned thoroughly. But even my carry weapon is regularly oiled and wiped down.
Use Hoppes for cleaning.
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I clean when I feel it's needed, usually after a full day of carry or being fired.

I wipe down any gun that's been handled with an oily rag, or a silicone cloth, before returning to its rack or case.

If it's carried all day in dusty or dirty conditions it gets the action, bolt, and chamber wiped down too, then a lightly oiled patch down the barrel, followed by an external wipe down.

If it's a gun I may not shoot until next trip, or next season, it gets a full cleaning inside and out. Solvent soaked inside barrel and action, bore brush, tooth brush, wiped dry, dry patched, action and moving parts lubed, exterior cleaned with lightly oiled rag or silicone cloth.

I use hoppe's #9 solvent, alcohol, rem or hoppe's gun oil, TW25B grease or white lubriplate, G96 gun treatment, and on occasion some Break Free. Use an oily rag or silicone cloth for wipe downs. Once or twice a year I use Johnsons paste wood flooring wax for all open pored furniture, clear coat car wax for highly gloss furniture, and a silicone cloth all other times or for plasic and composite. I mainly use bronze or brass brushes, but have some spiral stainless, nylon, cotton, etc.

Camping or extended trips I may only run a bore snake through it, squirt some G96 in the action, reload with clean dry ammo, and wipe the outside down. Then a complete cleaning when I get home.

A couple target pistols I shoot every week, with modern non-corrosive ammo, and at the range in a semi-clean enviorment might only get wiped down on the outside each time. Then completely taken down and cleaned once a month or every 2 or 3 hundred rounds.

Except on extremely rare occasions, I don't shoot corrosive ammuntion.
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Clean when you feel like it, I guess but...

I don't bathe my cats or wash my car so why would I clean any firearms. IMHO

It's a waste of time and money to clean firearms. I don't shoot them enough to really get them dirty..and when they are so what. They work just fine for me. I got other things to do than clean a gun.

Probably not what people want to hear but cleaning is overated and people get so obsessed.
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WHAT!!! You mean
your s'posed to clean 'em.
Heck, I have thousands of rounds
shot and I aint cleaned n'er one.

Reckon that's why you get Glock!
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Depends on the weapon/ammunition.

Surplus/Military rifle- With surplus ammo/surplus rifles like the K98, 91/30, etc... it's a thorough cleaning after each range visit. Complete strip down and wipe clean with Hoppes #9. Barrel gets cleaned action to muzzle with cheesecloth with Hoppes #9. Rem Oil as needed.

Shotgun - Rem Oil + Rem cloth the outside, wipe the chamber clean with Hoppes #9 and a rag out the barrel with the same. At the end of the season/monthly/as needed full strip down and cleaning of the entire action.

Rifle - Depends... I don't use a gas impingement system on my AR's. So, the bolt carrier gets some Rem-oil and the barrel will be cleaned when I start losing sub-moa. I've thoroughly cleaned my POF 308... never. The bolt gun, encore, win 94, are pretty much same as the AR's.

Pistol - IDPA gun gets cleaned after each match/range visit. Rarely concentrate on the barrel for more than a patch or two. I compete with the same pistol I carry... so the same applies.

Revolver - The same applies with the pistol. The thing gets really dirty.

Mostly, I clean my firearms to inhibit corrosion. If it gets wet, it gets cleaned. If it doesn't, it gets wiped down, the excess carbon gets wiped off, and it goes back into storage. I shoot enough to discover if something went wrong or it developed rust, etc... Haven't had an issue yet.
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Default Cleaning guns

I clean my revolver and rifle/shotgun everytime I shoot it. If I just shoot it once I still clean it.
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I usually clean after every range session. Really go through shotgun stuff at the end of the season.

I like Hoppe's Elite Cleaning System. No odor and really gets down to the metal effectively.
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