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Gun Cleaning Input

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my cleaning is as follows:

every firearm that is fired is stripped, cleaned, wiped and replaced in there proper home. it doesnt matter if its s .22 or my .308, one shot or 40 shots. if its fired its cleaned. if its touched but not fired. a nice wiped down with slightly damp oil rag and returned to its home. this goes for even wheni show them off to anyone or handle them myself. they are always wiped down.

i use CLP, and patches, the usual cleaning kits.
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Originally Posted by fsted2a View Post
I drop my bolt carrier group dissasembled in SLP solvent overnight.
The best tool ever invented for cleaning AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups. Bill T.

Ultrasonic Cleaner - 2.5 Liter
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Default Gun cleaning

I clean all of my firearms after firing, always, & I make it a habit to clean & lub all of my guns weather they are fired or not every few months. This help keep's them in check against any Rust etc. I clean all of my guns with nothing but EEZOX. & Have been for years,It's great stuff, So there is no reason for me to change or try anything else out there.?
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Default Gun Cleaning

I always clean my weapons after firing. It can be time consuming, however in the long run it pays off. The carbon that cakes into a weapon during firing can really gum up the works.

On my Colt 1991 I break it down, scrub all of it with a brass brush so as to not scratch any of the components. Then I take some brake cleaner and spray down all of the parts after the brush doesn't take any more off. I let it drip dry and go back over with a softer brush. Then I lightly, LIGHTLY wet down a rag with some CLP and run it over all of the internals. Doing a heavy coat of CLP can actually be worse for the weapon. Any leftover Carbon can cake and gum up and cause misfires.

On my M4 I essentially do the same thing if I am not doing any competitive shooting or long classes. If I am doing long classes I typically just do a dry clean, no Brake cleaner or CLP, for the same reason. If I do a wet clean and let it sit over night, the Carbon can gum up the weapon and cause jams and misfires.

For shotguns I typically run a bore brush through and if I am not going to be using it for a while (which is often, I dont usually use my shotgun) I will also shoot it with some brake cleaner.

As you can see, CLP is my choice for final cleanings and to prevent rust. If my weapons are sitting for a while I will do a light outer coat of CLP. When I am doing aggressive cleaning I use Brake cleaner. It really cuts through the grime and dirt and stuff.
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Every time I shoot at the range. I do a complete take-down and clean everything with Hoppes bore cleaner and follow up with the gun oil. I do it for therapy, fun, and knowing everything is ready when I need it.
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i generally clean based on several things. first is how fouled the gun is. second is how often i use the gun. a firearm i use a lot, like my ruger single six, gets cleaned only when needed or when exposed to adverse conditions (snow/rain/sweat). but a firearm im not planing to use for months or years will get cleaned after being used.

although i rarely remove all the fouling from a bore. i clean enough of it out to keep it shooting good, but not so much to make the barrel new again and change my point of impact.

as soon as chambers start getting sticky or accuracy starts falling off i'll clean my 22's barrels. usually hoppes #9. rem oil for wipe off and 3 in1 for lube

for guns i carry, i like to field strip the gun every month and wipe any dirt out and relube. if i shoot the gun, i'll clean the soot out of the action (feed ramp, rails, locking lugs, disconnector, extractor, and breech face). but i only clean the bore occasionally to keep it from rusting and to keep fouling down.

shotguns, rifles and handguns all get the actions wiped out and relubed almost every shooting trip, unless i plan to go back out within the next few days, but bores only get it when accuracy drops off or occasionally to keep rust out.
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Default Im with MARK1945 on this one.

I believe that no matter how many times your gun has been fired, ALWAYS CLEAN IT AFTER EVERY USE! You have no clue as to when your going to shoot it again and in the meanwhile the bullet residue is sitting inside the internals of your gun.
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Sounds like we are finding out 1001 (or more) ways to clean guns.

The only input I have is this: My Walther PK 380 (wife's gun) has to be cleaned after every shooting. It gets sickly dirty no matter what ammo we shoot, and really after about 200 rounds it starts having misfires.

My Glocks (17 and 27, both 4th gens) get cleaned about every other month. Honestly, I'd probably be ok cleaning then once per year. They work perfectly whether they are dirty or not. I know a guy that worked for Glock for 25 years, and he said he rarely cleans his until he's put another 10,000 rounds through them. To be honest, I only clean mine because I don't like the residue rubbing off on my clothes, not because they need cleaning.

Both my pocket toys (Ruger LCP and S&W Bodyguard 380) get cleaned after shooting, or monthly.

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After every shoot session... is a complete clean session.
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For 22 cal, after every other session.
For all other guns, after every session.
Hoppes #9
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