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Gun Cleaning Input

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On my bolt gun.....In the field, I use a bore snake every few rounds, or so. After about 20 rounds the normal solvent, brass brush, wet then dry patch. I use a homemade Electro-Cleaner on the barrel about every 80-100 rounds.
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Default Gun Show Wax

Once having given the gun a final clean and before putting it to rest we always use the smallest amount of our Gun Show Wax which is a white spirit wax based and dries to a clear finish with no cracking. The wax creates a long lasting shield between the metal and salts of your pause and fingers and is ideal for using at Gun Shows when firearms are on display or being handled
by prospective customers or admirers.

You may view the product on our website. Used by the Royal Amouries, World-Wide Firearms Museums Holding large gun collections & or priceless pieces of Art etc.

CMR Classic Firearms :: Pistol (Firearms) Preservation Wax. Ref. #H4

I hope this helps & answers some questions about firearms preservation.
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Well, this is the very first time I've been invited to provide input.

I'm anal about cleaning. It's the result of Marine Corps training.

I clean, or at least "wipe down" my guns on a regular basis. My carry gun is wiped down, a damp, then dry patch run through the bore, then function-checked several times a week.

If I pull the trigger on a live round, that gun gets cleaned within 24 hours. Rimfires get a lightweight oil-dampened patch thru the bore, the action inspected, and cleaned/oiled if needed. My rimfire ammo has a "lube" on it, that allows for more time between cleanings. I periodically remove rifle stocks and apply a light coat of oil to the metal underneath the wood. On barrels that I can remove I'll use a nylon brush w/solvent, then dry patches, then a lightly oiled patch, on a cleaning rod, from the breech end. On barrels I dont' remove, I use only pull-thru cleaning devices, from the breech end.

Cleaning solvents are highly subjective, but I always have Hoppes #9, Corrosion X, and Gunzilla on hand. Actions are cleaned in a commercial ultra-sonic cleaner, then lightly oiled, or disassembled, then cleaned. I've insulted more than one person by letting them handle a forearm, then wiping it down before I put it back in the safe. I'm quite certain it will happen again. I have a goldenrod in my safe, and an extra on hand, just in case.

I don't think I've left anything out, but I'm old. Thanks again for the invite.
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My rimfire rifles are detail cleaned every year or two.

Centerfire rifles that are fired often are cleaned about once per month unless corrosive ammo is used. i use Hoppe's Bench Rest to clean the bores of my rifles. Some guns don't group well when all the copper fouling is removed from the bore. The lead free copper bullets leave a lot of copper fouling in the bore and accuracy can go away fast.

If corrosive ammo is used the bore is cleaned immediately after use using US Army WWII bore cleaner.

My muzzleloaders are cleaned using Windex Multi Task. It was formerly called Windex with vinegar. It eats up fouling very fast. After cleaning the bore, breechplug and action the gun gets a light coat of Militec 1 on the exposed surfaces.

If any gun get rained on while shooting or hunting it is detailed cleaned and lubed ASAP.

The bores of my guns get a light coat of Rem Oil. If the gun is put away for a prolonged period the bore gets swabbed using a patch saturated with Militec 1.
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I clean every gun thoroughly after I shoot. Even if it's only a few rounds. Use everything from Bore Butter to gun oil. If I am at the range, depending on how much I shoot, usually every three magazines I'll run a bore snake through the barrel. More than 200 rounds I'll run some bore butter and patches through it.
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I also clean after every trip to the range, regardless of the number of rounds.
Hoppe's 9/CLP and a boresnake. Periodically a rod and brass brush

In addition, all of my guns have been previously treated with the following products by Sentry Solutions:
Tuf Cloth for wipe down
Hi-Slip Grease for rails and other moving parts
Smooth Kote for the bore
Tuf Glide for general lube
Sentry Solutions: Firearms Applications - Gun Cleaning, Gun Care
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I clean all my guns after firing, regardless.
1. Completely disassemble to the basic components.
2. Blast out with brake clean (donít get it on plastic or wood so remove before hand)
3. Scrub out with brake clean on brush and ram rod with brass brush
4. Blast one last time to clean particles
5. Let dry, because it will condensate
6. Oil hunting guns with Remington oil.
7. Oil tactical guns with Remington oil but, grease internals bolt slides with high temp bearing grease (it does not burn up during high rate of fire like oil will)
8. Reassemble, and function check
9. Wipe down for any excess oil one last time.

I do this because it thoroughly cleans them, keeps me 100% fresh on assembly and disassembly for troubleshooting and provides quality time with friends as we clean our firearms.
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Default gun cleaning

I clean all my firearms after firing....since I spend the majority of my time overseas....when I'm home and go shooting,I clean them after I get back from the range....before they go back in the safe....I use gun blast,clp...rem oil...dependent on type of weapon....all get a good wipe down before long term storage..there's a blueish gel product from Soorts Care Products, Inc. - Your go-to brand for firearm maintainence that seems to work very well...I just squirt some in the bore and use a bore brush to scrub it a bit....let it set for a few minutes...then swab it out and use some clp on a patch to swab the bore again to put a lite coat of lube in the bore for storage....of course most of my long guns have chrome lined bores...and the ones that don't are either stainless steel or are polygonal rifled with a tenifer finish.
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I clean mine after every trip to the range.
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The Henry gets cleaned every time I shoot it. I just run a boresnake through it four or five times then a couple of dry patches. The action gets sprayed with Hoppes and then it gets a Q-Tip clean out.

All the other centerfires get boresnaked, and if I've shot them for quite a few rounds, I'll use a brass rod with brushes then patches.

The pistols get the same treatment. The shotgun gets a couple of passes with a mop, then it's done.

Each weapon will receive a final pass with a Remoil soaked patch and the outsides will be rubbed down with a graphite infused cloth, then put away until next time.
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