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Gun Cleaning Input

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I like to clean and lube after every firing, within at least one week. I use boresnakes mostly, scrub particles and any carbon build with a nylon brush and coat internals with a light layer of hoppes or a spray lube/conditioner before storing.

Best advice no matter what is used would be that a properly lubed weapon doesn't drip and sounds of "slippery metallic" when the action is cycled. You know it when you hear it.
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Part of the reason I love guns is the beauty of the machinery. I'm endlessly fascinated by the descriptions and patent drawings of the Model 1911, M14/M1A, Garand, et. al. This is manifested by my loving to take them apart and put them back together. (Rinse and repeat.) And I mean "apart," not field strip.Not down to the last pin or whatever, but "apart."

Why does the above matter? Because I clean my guns, thoroughly and often. I clean after every range session (as one or more other posters have noted), irrespective of rounds downrange through that firearm.

I've tried nearly every solvent I've come across, but I keep going back to Hoppe's No.9 and cotton flannel patches. Patches are cheap compared to what firearms cost, so I use lots of them. I don't use any kind of metal brush except in extreme circumstances, and I clean, let sit, and clean until a patch wet with Hoppe's come out with no trace of anything other than Hoppe's and a dry patch comes out perfectly clean. I prefer cheapo plastic jags and patch holders on the end of quality carbon fiber rods -- no false positives from brass brushes or anything similar, and no scratching from the jags or patch holders. I've had many discussion with people about this over the years; people who've pointed out that patches are abrasive themselves and so forth. All I know is that I'm happiest and my guns are happiest when they are absolutely clean.

I'll note that I don't follow the recommendations of the various benchrest disciples with regard to cleaning after every "N" shots to maintain premium accuracy. The day I think I'm outshooting what my firearms are capable of, I'll consider such a cleaning regimen.

The above works for me and feeds my particular cares about my firearms. I'm happy to discuss my cleaning regimen with anyone, and I'm always open to suggestions. Your mileage may vary and so forth.
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As an active duty Army SGT all weapon systems from M4 all the way up to M777A2 155MM Howitzer are given a light cloat of the appropriate lubricant prior to firing. Unless firing in arctic conditions (-20 degrees Farenhiet and below) due to CLP freezing and gunking up the action. Upon completion all weapons at least have the barrels ran through with a bore brush and CLP. As soon as time allows weapons are broken down as far as operator levels allow (glorified field strip) and throughly cleaned.

The same goes for my personal weapons. I try to give my private stock a thorough cleaning bi-weekly. I get all the free CLP I can get my hands on so that is definatly my "brand" of choice for gun lube.
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I clean all my firearms after shooting. If I have a safe queen, it's done
twice a year. I'm old fashioned, no hi-tech products here. Hoppe's #9,
copper brushes and G.I. Patches. Been around and proven for more
years than most of, if not all the visitors and members of this forum.

Why try to improve on something that works...
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Pistols I clean after every trip. How much depends on how dirty.
If I only throw 10 rounds downrange, I just do a wipe down and run a couple patches soaked in gunzilla down the barrel.
If I shoot a few boxes, I field strip and do a thorough cleaning.

I don't shoot my rifles often, but the 22 basically gets a wipedown after every use and maybe a boresnake. If I shoot a few hundred rounds, I'll do a bit more.
The Saiga generally uses corrosive, so that of course gets an immediate and thorough cleaning.

Shotgun I almost never use, so can't really comment on. The few times I have, I just wiped it down.

As far as what I use, rags, patches, boresnakes and gunzilla are the usual. If something's really fouled it'll get bronze brushed.
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I'm with you Mark. Old military habits die hard. Grew up in the military and spent a couple of years in Chu Lai. Dirty weapons don't respond well. Clean as often as I can get them in my hand.
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I personally clean my guns EVERY time I use them. After a lot of shooting I do the total cleaning, with a good solvent swab followed by a wire brush scrub, a touch more solvent followed by a thorough swabbing with cotton or other soft cloth patches until they come out clean, then a light lubrication on all moving parts. If I've only test fired a few rounds or done a minimal amount of shooting I just run a bore snake through the gun a few times and a drop or two of lube as needed. Of course the guns in the safe that I don't use regularly still get a good going over and cleaning about every six months no matter what!
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if i only shoot less than 25 rounds i just give them a good wipe down with some w-d 40, when i shoot alot of rounds than they get a good cleaning with shooter's choice.
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i clean each time i fire them
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I clean all my guns after any firing. It's not whether I shoot it 1 time or 50 times, they get a through cleaning. This is because of the oils from handling, brass scrapings inside the receiver and powder blowback that is discharged after pulling the trigger, and besides living in a high humidity environment, it's just something that was taught to me by my Dad and Granddad and it assures me that I will always have a capable gun to fire the next time I use it. I even rewipe/oil down the guns in gun safe if they've been setting for over 2 months, as this gives me the oppertunity to keep up on my guns before any rust has a chance to get to the metals. I normally use the articles that are in most Hoppes Cleaning Kits that you can purchase from any WalMart or local Gun Store, as over time they have proven themselves to be up to the task for a lesser cost. I don't have any Black Powder or MilSurp type weapons so I don't need any special cleaners that are inherent with such weapons due to their more corrosive powders. I have used Kerosene, Sewing Machine oils to also clean modern weapons with as this was also passed down by my Granddad from during the Depression times when you only used what you had at the time and they do work. Only thing a person MUST WATCH OUT FOR is if you have a wooden stocked gun, that you be very careful around the woods, due to the wood soaking up oils over time, they will get soggy and be ruined due to staining or going soft. Last thing you want to do is fire a high powered rifle that the stock has been oil soaked around the action screw and rifle jumps up from stock or oil soaked around the palm of stock and it breaks in half leaving you with a black eye(at very least) and the butt stock on ground and barreled action still in hands. The best suggestion, and I know it's time consuming, would be to remove stocks from the barreled actions and clean all metals, THEN spray or use a very small ammount of wood oil to keep woods from drying out and cracking over time, especially in the barrel/receiver cutout, as this area doesn't normally receive any clear coatings from the factory for protection from the weather elements. Also don't forget to use a little oil on the scope mounts/scope/base as they even could rust if it's an older steel tubed scope or rings/base assembly.
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