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Gun Cleaning Input

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Ruger 10/22: Cleaned after every shooting session, which is approximately 250-300 rounds. Full disassembly, strip of dirt, inspection, oil, reassembly.

Tools: Standard cleaning kit, Hobbes Gun Oil, Bore Snake, Hobbes #9 solvent used occasionally. Also use Lead Wipes on hands afterwards to prevent lead contamination.
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Don't do a lot of shooting - clean the shotgun when done shooting, usually the .357 when done. Sometimes the .357 (SS) slides for a while- but usually only fired a few rounds. Hoppes solvent on cotton patch, several passes with couple patches, then bare patch, then light oil on patch to finish. Wipe down the outside surfaces with oily rag. Done.
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Shotguns...After every use. If I hunt on both days of a weekend, I will quick clean the barrel and the action after the first day. Breakfree on the action. After the last hunt of the weekend, I will give an almost complete cleaning. The recoil spring is cleaned once per year.

I use solvent as needed. Breakfree on the action. A Choke lube on the choke. And 3 in 1oil on everything else.
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Was Army Infantry so the degree of cleaning depended on location (being austere or garrison) and a ratio of time spent to worth of life. With that being said, it also depended on what type of lubrication you were using. On my first and second tour to Iraq including garrison, the only lube we had was CLP. On my third tour to the middle east we had graphite.

When using CPL cleaning before and after each firing was a must, too much damn dust in the air not to, and to think you were going to get away with not doing it and well...lets just say I hope you weren't my team member. After firing, carbon build up in my m4 mixed with the dust showed to be a problem and would only be good for about 100 rounds or so depending on your exact location, more city less dust, less city more dust. So on that note, making sure you weapon was clean was a life or death situation I guess you could say.

Later on, graphite lube came into our hands. With it being a more "dry" lubricant, dust didn't stick as much, the key words there are AS MUCH, meaning it helped but you still had to clean the damn thing. I didn't mind though, gave me something to do to pass the time waiting for mission brief. Overall performance was great, especially in DI guns where carbon blows the bolt back, you don't have all of your CLP being burnt off.

My personal piston rifle, I personally only clean the bolt itself along with the internals after each firing and don't really mess with the rest. A little slick2000 goes a long way in those rifles unless you are shooting suppressed than you might as well be shooting a DI rifle.
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Holy Cow!! Maybe I should buy stock in Hoppes or one of the other Cleaning supply companies.

Mine only get a wipe down and an oily patch thru the bore unless it looks excessively dirty. A couple drops of oil here and there and they are ready to go again.

Maybe once a year I'll tear em all down, but rarely use anything but oil to clean em.

Haven't had any problems at all

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Default Every time I shoot it

Rounds down the barrel means a field strip and a thorough cleaning within 24 hours. Doesn't matter how many.

Couple reasons.

A big part of it is that several of my favorites to shoot (My AK, Mosin) fire mostly corrosive ammunition. DOn't like to leave that for later.

Also, when I was a kid and learning to shoot, those were my Grandad's rules. You shoot. You clean.

And since I'm working towards opening a shop and would like part of that to involve gunsmithing and repair, I spend a lot of time tinkering internally with what I now own and any firearms my shooting buddies will let me tear into that they have.

Personally, I find it relaxing.
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Default My cleaning

What is your criteria for cleaning your guns? Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

With rifles, I clean them every time i shoot them regardless of rounds fired. I generally clean a pistol every time but I'm a little forgiving if I don't have time as it's not a precision accurate firearm. If i didn't clean it and notice at the range that I'm already shooting a dirty gun, I'll clean it the next time.

How do you clean your guns?
Usually Ballistol or Hoppes 9 and patches for bores. WeaponShield on the slide before they get stored.
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After every time I shoot them, and quarterly if there's one that hasn't been fired in the last 3 months. No particular reason, just habit.
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I clean my guns after each firing session. I strip the semiautos and soak each part with solvent, use several strokes in the bore with a copper brush, soak it again, then run solvent-soaked patches thru the barrel, and then run dry patches thru the barrel. Repeat until clean. I then wipe the other parts until they are clean, then lube the slide, hammer (if any), trigger, slide stop and safety where applicable. I run a cloth thru the magazine well. I dry off external surfaces. Then reassemble. Revolvers, I wet the outside (other than wood) with a solvent-soaked cloth, soak the inside of the barrel and the chambers with solvent. Then I use a copper brush in the barrel and each chamber to loosed up the crud. Then I run more solvent-soaked patches thru the barrel and chambers until they come out clean. I visually check the inside of the barrel and chambers with a flashlight to make sure there is nothing stuck in the barrel grooves or in the chambers. When clean, I wipe the external surfaces with a dry cloth, put a drop of oil where the hammer rotates, and on the linkage for the transfer bar if present, in the bolt hole, on the ejector rod, the hand, etc. I lightly oil a patch and run it thru the barrel and cylinder chambers. I'm kinda paranoid about it, but I have guns manufactured as far back as 1964, and they are all in excellent condition.
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Default cleaning

I never clean the bore on any of my rimfire rifles. I will how ever clean the bolts and actions on any semi-auto.
My centerfire rifles get cleaned after every trip to the range.
All my revolvers and pistols get cleaned after every trip also. Mostly cotten patches and Hoppes #9.
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