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Gun Cleaning Input

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after each trip the barrel and chamber in every firearm then it depends on round count except in the case of the combloc firearms and it is a complete clean as most of the rounds I shoot through them is the corrosive ammo. 22's are the exception as I don't get to them unless the round count is high or there is a function problem.
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What is your criteria for cleaning your guns?

Do you clean based on rounds fired, time since last cleaning, condition of gun, etc.

How do you clean your guns?

What products do you use and what methods to thorough cleaning.
Handguns, I clean when the gun gets visabley very dirty or shows some leading. Shotguns, usually after each firing session. That could mean once fired as in hunting or a trap session of three rounds of 25. Rifles, not often enough.

Breach cleaning of rilfes unless not possible (M1 Garand).

Products I use. Handguns, due to dirty powders used with cast bullets, sometimes blow it out with brake cleaner. Then bronze brush with chore boy. Hoppie's unless it needs something better, then Shooter's choice.

Rifle, bronze brush, patches cut from cotton flannel yard goods. Shooters Choice.

Shotguns, cotton flannel, Shooter's Choice to turn the plastic residue into slush...learned years ago Hoppies would not remove plastic residue...I do not know if they ever changed (added), anything since then to remove plastic.
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I typically clean my rifles at the range and again after I get home. At the range I'll clean with Hoppes #9 to get the easy to remove fouling then with Butches Bore Shine to get the stuff that isn't easily dissolved by Hoppes. When I suspect copper fouling I'll clean the rifle with Barnes Copper Solvent.
Cleaning involves alternating between wet patches, bronze brushing until the patches come out clean, followed by damp patches. I'll leave a coating of Hoppes soaking in the barrel until I clean it again.

For handguns I slop some Hoppes #9 in the bore, cylinder and wipe the gun down with wet patches. I leave the solvent to soak and will field strip and clean them when I get home.

For storage I used Hoppes for years until I discovered Clenzoil.

For the M1A there are some extra steps. Field stripping involves tapping the receiver free of the bedding which is something I don't like doing
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If a gun has been fired then it needs to be cleaned.

I made up a 1/4 batch of Ed's Red Gun Cleaner and use that mostly. I also have Hoppes #9, and Breakfree, Rem Oil, and other stuff.

I generally run a couple of wet patches, use a bore brush, run another wet patch or two and then dry patches until I think I'm about done. I then run a bore snake through a couple of times because I'm tired of adding to my used patch pile.

Drips of cleaner, paper towels, and a brush to get at various nooks and crannies.

Lubricate as necessary.
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I clean after every range trip. My CCW gets cleaned thoroughly every month wether it has been fired or not. I generally take the revolvers completely down once a year. Semi autos get lubed once a week fired or not.
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I clean my guns after each firing, as needed. I like Hoppes #9 and RemOil with a variety of tools--a brass or nylon brush with cotton patches, a toothbrush, Q-Tips, soft rags, etc. For slide rails and little nooks and crannies, I like an oiled cotton patch on a round toothpick broken in half.

Each week, I check and wipe down a few guns that have not been fired, and give them a drop or two of oil or whatever else they want.

My carry weapon is field stripped and checked every night to make sure it's clean and running well, and so I know there is a round in the chamber.

My wife insists that I am the gun cleaner in the family, so I take care of hers, too. Her carry gun is a revolver, obviously.
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Default Gun cleaning

For deep cleaning/ degreasing- I use simple green the spray CLP on all metal parts.

Routine cleaning- performed after every shooting session regadless of rounds fired- Hoppes No. 9 follwed by light coat of CLP.

High friction parts- Gun Butter or Moly paste

Mil. Surp w/ corrosive ammo- Windex w/ ammonia to neutilize corrosive primer residue. Followed by Hoppes No. 9 and light coat of CLP.

At least 2X/ year I break down all semi-autos completely and perform de-greasing procedure listed above- regardless of round count.
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I primarily shoot pistols-357, 44 Magnum and 45 ACP. When new, they get the barrel and cylinders cleaned if revolver and an auto I'll start with stripping it down, cleaning the barrel, slide, etc. Then I'll lightly oil with Break Free CLP on the revolvers. Just a habit but I use Gun Butter on the autos. No reason, just habit. However I have discovered it stays put better than other lubes I've tried and the Gun Butter grease is used on the locking lugs.

When I shoot lead, which is 90% of the time, if I've had any copper rounds through it I'll take it all out with Sweet's 7.62. Just don't use brass brushes with Sweet's or your brush will be gone! Use nylon brushes. In like manner IF I get any lead fouling while shooting cast bullets, I wrap some Chore Boy around a brass brush with a little Hoppe's Lead Remover and it comes clean in short order. Most times I have no leading as I learned if you size the bullet to the throat diameter in a revolver or maybe .001 over and don't use hard alloys(BHN15>), you're not going to get leading unless you have a restriction where the barrel screws into the frame. Others may find their mileage will vary depending on firearm.

With the autos I get no leading so, they're no real problem with velocities between about 800-950 fps and bullets cast at around BHN 12.
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All my firearms are handguns, pistols and revolvers, and I clean them every time I shoot them. Use only Hoppes solvent and oil (this is just an old habit that's hard to break). In adddition to cleaning, I'll run a patch with a drop or two of oil through the barrels and cylinders if not shot in probably about 6 months and will oil the slides and barrel on the pistols about every 6 months if not shot. They're all condition one all the time, so I want reliability by all means.
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I clean every gun, whether it be handgun or rifle, after every time I shoot it.

With my rimfire handguns or rifles, I just run a boresnake through them, clean the moving parts with solvent and a brush, Q-tip them, and then go over the whole outside with a silicone cloth.

My centerfire rifles get a pass with a bore or copper solvent-soaked patch and left to sit for several minutes or hours. Then they get about ten passes with a brush. After another solvent-soaked patch, I keep running patches through until they start coming out squeaky-clean with no sign of any fouling on the patch. Then I finish up as I do with my rimfires.

Centerfire handguns get the same treatment after breaking them down, but I go into much more detail. Besides the barrel, I clean/brush the rails and all moving parts within the frame. I put a tiny bit of oil on all the moving parts and wipe away excess. Then I finish up with the outside treatment like I do my rifles.

I'm a nut about keeping guns clean, so much that I can't sleep at night if I have any dirty guns in the house!
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