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Gun Cleaning Input

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Like others have stated, I'll clean a brand new firearm for several reasons;
clean off that factory grease
check function
insure there are no obstructions.

I also clean after it's been fired, every. single. time.

And lastly, I'll clean a weapon that has sat in the safe for a while untouched (we'll say 3-6 months, give or take) just to ensure it doesn't rust or get lonely.

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Eezox all metal surfaces right after initial cleaning with Gun Scrubber. Sometime use a bore snake with hoppes, then eezox after some range time. Light grease that which slides and light oil that which turnes.

Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber
Rem Oil
BE'S Slide Glide
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As I am a retired peace officer, I clean ALL of my carry handguns every time I shoot them. No matter how many rounds I put through them. As for my sporting arms, due to smokeless powder, I might just wipe them down between shooting them. At the end of the season I will clean them.

When I clean any of my weapons, I take them COMPLETELY apart and using a bore brush and Hoppes solvent #9, I brush the bore and then using a brush I brush all other parts with Hoppes. After the weapon sits for an hour, I wash the weapon down in my solvent tank. I then use a high pressure air hose to blow off the parts. I then sparingly use "Miltec" lube on the areas that move with contact with another metal part.

On all of my carry handguns, I always wipe them down every time I remove them from my holster and put them away. Always!
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I clean all my guns except my AR Carbine right after shooting or as soon as time allows. I installed a piston kit on my AR and the receivers rarely show dirt except for the chamber and barrel. I clean everything eelse out of habit.
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I clean my guns whether I shoot 1 round or 100 as soon as possible. If I shoot milsurp ammo I swab with 3 or 4 patches soaked with windex or ammonia dilute, let them soak for a while then run very hot water down the bore. After that I clean as usual: 3 or 4 patches of Hoppes #9, Brass brush and Hoppes #9 several times, 2 more Hoppes patches then Dry patches until they come out clean. Then 1 well oiled patch followed with 1 or 2 dry batches that fit kind of loosely in the bore. I then wipe down the outside surfaces with Son of a Gun. Occasionally I break the bolt down, soak it in spirits, blow or wipe it down then lightly lubricate it.
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I clean and lube all weapons after each range use and apply a good penetrate such as Fluid Film to all metal. I use synthetic oil (Amsoil or Mobile 1) and Wilson Ultimate lube grease for lubrication on rifles and on handgun rails.

I use Gunzilla as well. It is a fantastic, natural cleaning solvent. It is a little more than Shooter's Choice, Hoppes #9 and Elite, all have been used in the industry forever, they are readily available and are proven cleaning solvents.

After every 3-4 range sessions, I break down the handguns and rifles and use the SharperTek heated ultrasonic handgun cleaner for deep down cleaning and lubrication.

It is indeed personal preference, and to each his own and I think many use and stay with a proven product they started with. If a particular cleaning product works well for you and does what it supposed to do, efficiently and quickly and to your satisfaction, by all means carry on.

I tend to want to mix things up a bit when it comes to firearm maintenance and cleaning, and any cleaning products that shortens my cleaning time, provides superior metal protection and lubrication, increases function-ability and extends my shooting time between cleanings, peaks my interest. Someone is always trying to invent a better mousetrap....sometimes they succeed.


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I clean all my weapons after I have shot them. During the year at least once or store them for long periods of time using a good grease.
As for the products used...A good bore solvent, Butches...good oil, Rem oil...Magna lube grease...Gun scrubber..Kroil...
Clean the bore in the direction that the bullet goes out if possible. If not use a muzzle guard.

Southern California
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Default Gun Cleaning

All I use is Balistol some patches and a rag. Cleans all my guns. Cleans Corrosive ammo. No sweat. On my glock I carry everyday, I clean it once a month. Balistol works great, IMHO.
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Guns should be cleaned before long storage (more than 1-2 weeks), after each shooting session (more than just a few rounds) and after moderate use. Here is what I would do.

Really small caliber rifle (.22, .17, ect) After a few hundred rounds.

Small caliber rifle (.223, .243, ect) After firing more than just a few (100) rounds.

Large caliber rifle (.270, .30-06, ect) After firing more than just a few (50-100) rounds.

Black powder rifle, shotgun, or revolver, After every shooting session (sometimes during).

Small caliber pistol (.22, .25, ect) After a few hundred rounds.

Large caliber pistol (.357, .45 ACP, ect) After firing more than just a few (100-200) rounds.

CCW (?) After every shooting session.

Shotgun (410, 16, 12, ect) After firing more than a few (50-100) rounds.

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With me it depends on the weapon.
My Glocks get "abused" they get shot ALOT and cleaned little as long as they go without a hiccup they just get wiped down.
My 1911s get stripped and cleaned after every outing (they get babied).
My revolvers also get shot ALOT but they get cleaned at least once a week to keep them going.
My shotguns get wiped down after every use and cleaned once a month.
Ruger .22s get shot ALOT and wiped down after each outing and cleaned about once a month .
My large bore rifles get wiped down each outing and really cleaned when accuracy suffers.
I tend to stay away from all the "wonder Solvents" and oils. And use WD40 and Breakfree for cleaning and protection. Pistol and rifle bores also get Slick 50 after cleanings. Field guns and knives also will get a light coat of paste wax before any trips afield. Moly grease is great for rails and pivot points.
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