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Dillinger 02-09-2009 11:14 PM

Big Thunder II Vs. Fenrir: The 1911 .460 Rowland Build Off
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Okay, after being first introduced too, and then bullied by, canebrake on this issue, I have decided that it is time to get it started. :rolleyes:

Today I ordered this kit from Clark Custom Guns. The end result will be a 1911 with the ability to throw a .45 caliber round at about 1300fps-1400fps. A standard .45 ACP +P round leaves a 5" barrel at about 900fps to 915fps - so obviously this is a huge step up and will definitely result in high torque and increased recoil.

So, here is the platform. It's a 2003 Kimber Custom Target II that I carried and shot extensively for almost 3 years. Existing features include a custom trigger job, night sights and I bought the same grips that S/A put on their initial offering of the "Operator" model. The weapon has no problems, but it got relegated to the back of the safe after the addition of the Nighthawk's.

The plan is to install the kit from CCG and then send the whole thing off to Robar to have them coat the outside with Roguard and the internals coated with NP-3.

After that, I will dump the stupid adjustable night sights for a fixed three dot version like I have on all my other weapons.

More to follow.....


CA357 02-10-2009 03:07 AM

Cool. Please keep us in the loop.

canebrake 02-10-2009 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by Dillinger (Post 69738)
Okay, after being berated and bullied into this build by canebrake, I have decided that it is time to get it started.

JD you ho; I guess the race is on!

The Canebrake Fenrir 460 Rowland is in progress and will use my Colt XSE SS as the donor gun.

I also have a Clark Custom Guns, .460 Rowland kit on order and will post my progress as things come together.

The beauty of this conversion is that the 45 ACP can be fired using the same barrel as the 460 Roland.

With the barrel extension incorporating the compensator, the results produce a recoil comparable to the 45 ACP!

The target however sees a slight increase in energy release.

.460 Rowland 200 gr 1450 fps 934 # ft
.45 ACP Hornady 200 gr 900 fps 360 # ft

McNabb11b 02-10-2009 05:33 AM

This is great. Be sure to post pictures. This is subscription worthy.

bobbyb13 02-10-2009 07:36 PM

My, MY, MY
Cane has done went and called JD a HO. I am shocked, NOT.:D More pics and info please.

canebrake 02-12-2009 06:30 PM

The FENRIR/COLT .460 Rowland Project, The Real One
I'm jackin' in. Don't need no stinkin' build site of my own, I'll just take up bandwidth here on JD's!

Some background needs to be presented so all members can be up to date on this endeavor.

You really need to go to this thread and get up to speed!

Now you see how the 460 Rowland project took flower.

In this thread you will clearly see that the 'orange furry one' tried to take credit for this epic crusade.

Starting with post # 20 where I psyched him into thinking I was done. Listen to his rambling in #21!

I’ll follow-up with the FENRIR/Colt 460 Rowland build after I let the 'furry one' respond! .460 Rowland .... done the Canebrake way!

Dillinger 02-12-2009 11:02 PM

*shaking fist* :mad:

Damn you, you crazy belly crawler! What the hell are you on about now?!

I think that Bourbon and sunshine is clearly going to your dome! :rolleyes:

I didn't even want to build this project, but you had to come along and push me along, chasing me around the 1911 forums taunting me with this Holy Grail project. It's your fault that I am winning this battle, you silly reptile, you brought this down upon yourself.

In some crazy attempt to get an upper hand, you fooled me with a picture of your compensated 1911 ( who compensates a stock 1911 anyways ) - of which I gave you the credit for winning and wanted a range report.

But alas.... as no one else was manning up and putting a .44 Magnum Powered 1911 in the Review Thread, I took it upon myself and ordered up my kit from CCG.

That kit will be here next week and the pictures will tell the tale...

Orange Furry One.... Out!

canebrake 02-13-2009 12:40 AM

The FENRIR/COLT .460 Rowland 1911 Project, The Real One $686.95
Told ya! I love it when his orange fur starts to fly.

Here's the Canebrake donor gun;

Colt Government SS Model O1070XSE
Price: $650.00 (used <100/rds I know owner & gun)

The entire gun is stainless steel in a mixture of polished flats and brushed accent areas.
The XSE comes with:
Single action
Combat hammer
Aluminum 3 hole adjustable travel trigger
Fixed Colt/Novak white dot carry sights
New roll marking and enhanced tolerances
Two 8 round magazines
Front and rear slide serrations
Double diamond rosewood grips
Colt beavertail grip safety
Extended ambi thumb safety
Composite MSH
I purchased an additional mag, a Wilson Combat ETM THE WILSON COMBAT® ELITE TACTICAL MAGAZINE
Price: $36.95

I have a weakness for new technology and Bill Wilson has upped the ante with his new ETM offerings.
The ETM started with a blank sheet of paper and 30+ years of 1911 and 1911 magazine experience. The ETM is no re-design of a 7 round magazine which has been reconfigured for 8 round capacity; it’s a totally NEW product designed from the ground-up as a premium 8 round tactical magazine. The ETM has the strongest magazine tube yet developed, virtually eliminating feed lip cracking, tube spread and cracking, and general fatigue.

The dollar amount in the upper right of this post is the running total of my build and will update for each post.

Now if you will excuse me, I've got to go rile up the furry one! .460 Rowland .... done the Canebrake way!

bobbyb13 02-13-2009 04:14 AM

Well J.D.?
I believe you are in the batters box. Care to step up to the plate? Completion date maybe?

Dillinger 02-13-2009 01:41 PM

Well, while cane is off on another of his sun and malaria induced rants I will stick to the facts at hand. :cool:

The folks from Clark Custom Guns have to build my specific "drop in" kit. Now, I don't know about the mighty Colt donor gun of the belly crawler over there, but for Kimber, they asked me what specific model I had and confirmed both the frame and slide were of steel construction, then read off a part inventory for my specific model that they are assembling and shipping to me, hopefully, by next week. It was $305 shipped to my door.

Anyone following along and thinking of doing this same project should note that there are only a handful of 1911's that CCG will build parts for - those being without MIM parts and of steel construction. Both the Kimber and Cane's Colt qualify in their minds as being able to handle the increase in recoil and torque on the weapon.

I should have photos up by next weekend if they do their part - but I can't assemble what I don't have I am afraid. :D

After I get it assembled, it will be off to Robar to get the externals coated with RoGuard and the internals all coated with NP3 so that the thing will run forever. That alone will be 4 to 6 weeks, depending on backlog.

I am thinking of doing a range test with the weapon before I send it off, to give you guys some idea of the capability of this new round - but we will see. I haven't decided what I want to test it ON yet, though I have some ideas.....*smirk*


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