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edteach 01-18-2012 06:32 PM

wolf spring kit in Taurus 85
my wife bought a Taurus 85 UL and the springs are a bit too much for her. I ordered a Wolf Spring kit from midway. Looks strait forward, but I read that the trigger spring needs to be cut by 1.5 coils. Should not be a problem. Does anyone have a video link on doing this? It makes it very easy once I watch a video. I found one on removing the springs but nothing on new springs and modifying them. Thanks.

timn 01-18-2012 10:17 PM

If you ordered the correct spring set for your pistol, do not cut it.
Think about it. If you cut coils off a coil spring, it takes more force to compress it.

The 85 is a Smith copy, so if you can find a video on Smith revolvers, it's the same.
Or, get Jerry Kuhnhausen's "The S&W Revolver". It will teach you a ton about revolvers.

edteach 01-18-2012 11:03 PM

Just got the spring set and cut 1.5 coils off of the 6 pound TS. Works like a champ. Very nice smooth pull, and I think my wife will like how it works. Will take it to the range this week and run a few through it. Too many people said to cut the 1.5 coils on the wolf springs for it to be wrong. the 85 is like S&Ws in many ways but not in the trigger spring. It uses a pin in a peg and Smith uses a block cam. The trigger binds up with the full coils on the newer 85s and needs the coils shortened. I have heard that there are light strikes on some 85s with the 9 pound hammer spring. Some do not have a problem, it sounds like it hits with a nice snap when the trigger is pulled. We will see Sat. I disagree about your idea that it takes more to compress a spring with coils removed, this is why a machine gun fires faster when the coils are cut, less resistance. I will do a update after the range time. Thanks for the input. I found a video on Youtube for the larger framed 357 taurus but its the same as the 85. The trigger springs is a bit of a pain to replace because its so small of a unit but not too bad. Just hang on to it so it does not go air born.

edteach 02-14-2012 02:11 PM

Well an update, the spring kit made the gun only fire about 50% give or take of the ammo. I replaced the original springs and sold the gun. Took a 15 dollar hit and bought the Ruger LCR. Its better on the trigger than the Taurus with reduced springs and it goes bang every time. It was an extra 100 but if you compare it to really needing when you use it its worth the extra. One post said to reduce the FP spring, but this is going too far to make a pistol shootable.

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