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MakarovJAC 01-22-2010 04:02 AM

Weaponry color patterns
Hello. First of all, I'm new here and I'm a weapons fan. So if my comments aren't that accurated or are mostly questions, you know why. Also, I'm not english native.

Well, I'd like to ask the pros about the reasons of weapons pattern.

The most natural pattern on military weaponry (actually the manucture finish raw color) are darker colors. Is this related to the materials used in, or it someway-somehow as an standar modern 'camo'?
*I mean, since warfare turned modern I feel like guns stopped bein' all fancy and colorfull not only by manufacturin' reason, but also as an standar camo. A color that makes guns easy to conceal rather than givin' ease to outer eyes.

I've noticed most civilian (Sports mostly) are fashioned on shiny patterns. Is this also for separate home protection guns from sport shootin' guns. Is the raw color of sport guns (Most I've seen comes in shiny gray/silver like) done to ve easily perceptible to the eye?

spittinfire 01-22-2010 11:00 AM

Welcome to the forum. Stop by the introductions area and let everyone know you're here.

Hunting or civilian weapons may or may not have the "shiny" finish as you call it. Some are all black, cammo, stainless, have a nice wood stock or maybe synthetic, depends on it's use. Synthetic stock doesn't swell or shrink with weather like wood, stainless won't rust, cammo can help you hide for the harder to hunt animals, they all have a reason.

Military does not want ANYTHING shiny, ANYWHERE. Why? It creates a glare from the sun, reflects light at night, basically gives away your position.

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