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redrussell 03-19-2012 06:20 PM

stock and bedding project.
I have a savage 110 chambered in 30-06. I want to put something like a medalist stock on it. Something that is somewhat light though since I tend to walk a lot when hunting with it. I want something with 2 studs in front for sling and bipod or a 1913 rail out front. I want to have a nice bedding on the stock because I plan to push out to 800 yds with this rifle.

do no harm, do know harm

da357mag 03-21-2012 10:55 AM

stock replacement
I am just finishing up a re stock on a win M70 I got last summer. It's a 22-250 and I don't know how many people owned it before I got it but the inside of the stock was trashed!:eek: They even ruined the trigger trying to"make it better".
I have a Lyman pull gauge and it measured 5lbs14OZ! I took it to my smith buddy and he recommended a Rifle basix trigger which he knew I could do that myself! $99 dollar trigger but it was worth it! It now breaks clean with no over travel at 15OZ, and passed all the safety tests. I stock I have for it now is a Boyd's thumbhole,(I have one on my CZ452 as well) it the pepper laminate and I pillar bedded the recoil area, I didn't feel comfortable about doing the tang area
since there wasn't much wood there! So far I have 4 coat of Cabots polyurethane on the stock and I'm going to wet sand it today and then put 4 more on today!I think 12 coats total will make a good finish. Anyway if you want a stock with three studs on it mine came that way, and they do have reasonable precises! Just a thought!:) Doud

redrussell 03-21-2012 05:35 PM

Ok, how much was it and how heavy is it? My savage has the accutrigger and breaks beautifully. I love the way it shoots but I took a bad fall last season and the stock got pretty beat up.

do no harm, do know harm

da357mag 03-25-2012 09:19 PM

Got the
Stock for $99 dollars and got it all done last night. The stock goes about 3 pounds and a rifle with a sporter barrel would probably weigh about 7 pounds total and with a sling you wouldn't have too much to carry. Mine has a bull barrel on it and probably weighs around 12 pounds!:eek: Take a look!,

yes it is heavy! tomorrow I hope to take it out and see how it does! When I got this rifle i was beat up pretty bad I have basically rebuilt it!
This being a thumbhole it came with three studs, and I'm sure if you contacted them they would install an extra stud for you. I didn't care for the finish on it, so I refinished it as well. I used urethane, and I think I should have used Tru-Oil instead, but I didn't want to change the stock color. But I can live with it!:D Doug

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