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JBelk 03-13-2012 09:35 PM

SAFETY NOTE- Knight-MML straight line ML
Please take a careful look at the in-line muzzle loading rifles that operate by simple 'zip gun' plunger. Most have a copy of a Timney trigger in them and there is a problem using that trigger in those rifles.
Timing and adjustment is very important when the safety is run by spring instead of by the shooter's hand and some guns will 'jam' the safety plunger and act and test 'safe', only to fire seconds later when the spring overcomes friction.

BEWARE hard safety plate movement! That is the first indication of the internal interference.
The unhandy but safe secondary striker safety does prevent firing, positively. Don't trust the side safety to *always* work, though.

For the analytical gunsmiths: The trigger is made for a M95-96. The sear is always up unless it's just been shot. In the straight line Knights it's always down unless it's lined up with the cocking notch. Short cocking OR over-cocking makes the floating sear a dangerous and unpredictable part that catches between the back of the trigger and cocking surface of the striker. Perching of the safety in the null position and then pulling the trigger will often times fire the rifle, also.

It is a zip gun with a rough copy of a target trigger in it.Please be especially careful with these guns. There is no 'cure' without lots of machine work and major alterations.

I'll bet there are some questions on this one!

Defeating legislation through education.
There is no safe direction to point an unsafe gun.

mountainman13 03-13-2012 11:21 PM

Not a big fan of inlines anyway. Definitely good to know. 90% of the time I get an inline in the damn thing is still loaded. It's like inlines are muzzle loaders for idiots.

mountainman13 03-13-2012 11:23 PM

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Case in point.

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