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texaswoodworker 06-14-2011 01:47 AM

need help finding parts
I have been having problems tracking down parts for my crescent shotgun and was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a exposed hammers crescent 20 ga sxs (coil springs) and need an extractor, forend assembly, and a sear spring (right). I checked numrich gun parts and they are sold out of all of them. does anybody know where else I can find these parts?


Hawg 06-14-2011 03:38 PM

All I know to do is check some of the online auction sites for parts or a parts gun.

stalkingbear 06-14-2011 08:34 PM

I'm going to go along with Hawg on this 1. Finding a parts gun may be easier than finding the parts. Check with for a parts gun.

texaswoodworker 06-15-2011 03:59 AM

Ok, I looked on gunbroker and found an old 12ga version of my gun which will I can get the forearm assembly off od and possibly the springs if I decide to get it. The last thing I need is the extractor. I cannot find one anywhere. Would I be able to safely replace it with something like a generic one if it would fit or could I make one on a cnc mill?

Any suggestions?


stalkingbear 06-15-2011 10:53 AM

You should be able to make an extractor. It won't be easy but if you're experienced with a mill you can handle it.

Hawg 06-15-2011 11:00 AM

Crescent used over 100 different trademarks. If you see a hammered double with any of these names the extractor is probably the same.

American Bar Lock Wonder
American Boy
American Gun Co.
American Nitro
Armory Gun Co.
Bacon Arms
Baker Gun Co. (If no proof marks.)
Baklmann Hardware Co.
Barker Gun Co.
Bartlett & Co.
Bellmore Gun Co.
Berkshire No. 3000
Black Beauty
Bluefield Clipper
Bluegrass Arms Co.
Blue Whistler
Bridge Black Prince
Bridge Gun Co.
Bridge Gun Works
Bridgeport Arms Co. (If no proof marks.)
Bright Arms Co.
C.G. Bonehill
C.W. Franklin
Canadian Belle
Carolina Arms Co.
Caroline Arms
Central Arms Co.
Charles Richter
Chatham Arms Co.
Cherokee Arms Co.
Chesapeake Gun Co.
Chicago Long Range Wonder
Columbian New York Arms Co.
Connecticut Arms Co.
Cumberland Arms Co.
Creve Cour (If no proof marks.)
Daniel Boone Gun Co.
Delphian Arms Co. (If no proof marks.)
Delphian Manufacturing Co. (If no proof marks.)
Diamond Arms Co.
Dunlap Special
E.C. Mac
Elgin Arms Co.
Elmira Arms Co.
Empire Arms Co.
Empire State Arms Co.
Wm. Enders Oak Leaf
Enders Special Service
Enders Royal Service
Farwell Arms Co.
Faultless Goose Gun
The Field
Folsom Arms Co.
F.F. Forbes
Fort Pit Arms Co.
C.W. Franklin
Fremont Arms Co.
Gold Medal Wonder
H.S.B. & Co.
Hanover Arms Co. (If no proof marks.)
Harrison Arms Co.
Hartford Arms.Co.
Henry Gun Co.
Hermitage Arms Co.
Hermitage Gun Co.
Hip Spe Bar
Howard Arms Co.
Interstate Arms Co.
Jackson Arms Co.
J.H. Lau & Co.
J. Manton & Co.
John L Smythe & Co.
Joseph Arms Co.
Keen Kutter
Kingsland Special
Kingsland 10 Star
Kirk Gun Co.
Laclede Gun Co.
Leader Gun Co.
Lee's Special
Lee's Munner Special
Leige Arms Co.
Long Range Marvel
Long Range Winner
Long Range Wonder
J. Manton & Co.
Massachusetts Arms Co.
Metal & Hardware Co.
Mears (If no proof marks.)
Minnesota Arms Co.
Mississippi Arms Co.
Mississippi Valley Arms Co.
Wm. Moore & Co.
M.T. Vernon Arms Co.
National Arms Co. (If no proof marks.)
New Britain Arms Co.
New Elgin Arms Co.
New Empire
New England
New England Arms Co.
Newport (model CN)
Newport (model WN)
New Rival
New York Arms Co.
New York Machine Made
New York Match Gun
New York Nitro Hammerless
Nitro Bird
Nitro Hunter
Nitro King
Not-Nac Manufacturing Co.
Oxford Arms Co.
C. Parker & Co.
Piedmont Arms Co.
Pioneer Arms (If no proof marks.)
Queen City
R. Murdock National Firearms Co.
Red Chieftan
Baklmann Hardware Co.
W. Richards (Not related to the British gunmaker Westley Richards)
Richmond Hardware Co.
Rickard Arms Co.
Rocket Special
Royal Service
Rummel Arms Co.
Ruso (If no proof marks.)
S.H. Harrington (If no proof marks.)
St. Louis Arms Co.
Shue's Special
Sickel's Arms Co.
Southern Arms Co.
Special Service
Spencer Gun Co.
Square Deal
Star Leader
State Arms Co.
Sterling Arms Co.
St. Louis Arms Co.
Sullivan Arms Co.
T. Barker New York (If a sidelock hammerless double without proof marks)
Ten Star (If no proof marks.)
Ten Star Heavy Duty (If no proof marks.)
Tiger (If no proof marks.)
Townley's Pal
Townley's American Boy
Trap's Best Made
Tryon Special
U.S. Arms Co. (If no proof marks.)
U.S. Field
Victor & Victor Special
Virginia Arms Co.
Vulcan Arms Co.
Warren Arms Co. (If no proof marks.)
Washington Arms Co.
W. Richards
Wilkinson Arms Co.
William Moore & Co.
Wilmont Arms Co.
Wilshire Arms Co.
Wiltshire Arms Co.
Winfield Arms Co.
Winoca Arms Co.
Witte Hardware Co.
Wolverine Arms Co.
Worthington Arms Co.

texaswoodworker 06-15-2011 11:42 PM

Wow, That is a lot of companies. Thanks for the help, I'll check these companies before I even attempt to make an ejector.

Thanks again

texaswoodworker 06-16-2011 01:08 AM

Ok, I looked through all of these companies on numrich and several of them turned up with the part I need but they are sold out. So unless they get new ones soon, I'll just have one made. Any ideas what type of steel I should use?

Thanks again for all the help everybody. I really appreciate it.

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