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My 270 Savage has a pitted barrel :/

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Originally Posted by jeepcreep927 View Post
Yeah, I would suggest using a round, dummy or not, to set head space. That is how any hack would do it in their garage after a few beers...

Seriously, head space is set with a head space GUAGE because it is machined to a SPECIFIC dimension. Every round, reload, factory, dummy or otherwise will have some variation in dimension. Your rifle would then be head spaced perfectly for a specific load from a specific lot number from a specific box of ammo. Spend the $20 and get the correct head space guage, period.

ARHammer, between your attitude and ****ty advice, you are quickly going the way of the other "chaff".
The powder in a live round CAN and WILL ignite if the case is drilled, I have seen the after math of it once. There is no right, safe, acceptable or okay way to drill a live round. I really don't care about your years of machine shop experience, military firearms instructor experience or other boastful ventures, bad advice is bad advice and a bad attitude is a bad attitude.
I loved your few beers in the garage comment meaning I got a good giggle out of it. I must confess I have done some dumb things both in and out of my garage but beer was never the cause because I can't stand the stuff, embarrassed to say I was stone sobber. I would be interested for my own curiosity to know what the aftermath you witnessed drilling a live round was and that you please expand on what powder the case was loaded with. When I was a kid of about 10 years old I was trying to make something more powerful than firecrackers and M 80's. I took a fired 06 case and filled it to the top of the shoulder with 4350 and crimped a piece of dynamite fuse in the neck of the case. I did this several times and the end result was always the same, there was nothing more then burned powder ash and the fuse was not even pushed from the case. I learned just a few years later that smokeless powder needs about 10,000 degrees in temperature and about 10,000 PSI to make the chemical reaction of the powder work like it was intended, meaning make pressure. Containment in the case and just igniting is not enough to make the case explode without the pressure component, it will only allow the powder to burn/fissile to ash like what happened when I was kid. Dynamite as an example contains nitro glycerin which also is a major component of nitro cellulose (smokeless powder) can be burned (which I have done to get rid of it) and it too will not explode without the pressure component. You may think I am crazy as I am told that all the time by fixed wing pilots because I fly a helicopter and I am used to the ridicule but the fact remains I can land almost anywhere and they can't and smokeless powder will not explode if just ignited without pressure being added. I suppose you could argue that perhaps the burning of the powder may cause the primer to go off supplying the pressure needed but I think two things would have to happen first. One that drilling the hole would cause enough heat to ignite the powder and I think not (kindling point too high)and two if the drilling was the causation of the ignition it would have to be very near the primer as opposed to further away. Further away the bulk of the powder would be burned up before the primer was ignited leaving little or no powder to make any harmful pressure. That is my opinion based on my own experiences and I enjoy sharing so please do not take offense as that is not my intention. I am going to post something in a day or two about loading light loads with smokless powder and myths of what does and does not cause high pressure. I will look forward to anyone jumping in when I do so maybe we will all learn something and we includes me.

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The incident I saw the remnants of was two kids (sounds a lot like your story!) drilling out I believe it was a 30-06 cartridge. I don't know if the the heat was enough to ignite the powder or if the bit snapped and sparked or what the ignition source was. In any case, as you said, there was nothing to contain the pressure so it simply flared. No catastrophic injuries, just minor burns on one kid's face and the other one's hand.

I have burned uncontained smokeless powder before and am familiar with the way it burns, so I don't know how they managed to get burned, but they did. My intention was only to say that it CAN happen, albeit usually not in spectacular fashion like black powder.

Like you, when I was a kid I attempted to make my own blow ups with smokeless powder with no luck.
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