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50of4064 11-11-2010 01:30 AM

Mauser safety , very strange indeed
What seems to be a Peruvian Mauser, I have been told it is some sort of short rifle, and the safety lever orientation is not like any I have seen.

Receiver marking: Cz.ZBROJOVKA AKC. S PDLVBRNE
model 1932

Ring markings: There is a crest but it is not in the best shape

serial # 043XX

This receiver seems to be a large ring, and cocks on opening, the hood that holds the safety lever resembles a large ring hood and the safety lever itself does also. There is one problem. it assembles on to the bolt with the lever pointing to the 3 O'clock position and the cocking piece does not have any groves to engage the safety so it does not have a working safety.
I disassembled the bolt and compared the parts to my CZ bolt and all will interchange with the exception of the safety lever and the non grooved cocking piece. The machining of the safety's two half moons and flat edge are 180 degrees from my CZ

I have never seen a Mauser safety work from the right to left before, they have been left to right ( 9,12,3. O'clock)

Can anyone out there shed some light on this?:confused:

mach1337 11-11-2010 02:46 AM

very wierd indeed. i have u turkish but the safety is a 9-12-3 style. have you seen this thread ? may help may not

50of4064 11-11-2010 03:54 AM

will try and get photos
I read the post and I am not familiar with the Mark II safety. I installed A timneys trigger with safety on my CZ and by all indications this safety is either a dyslexic copy of a Mauser safety or someone milled this them self's,
A picture is worth a thousand...bla bla bla

photos to follow

stalkingbear 11-11-2010 10:11 PM

If you could post a pic it would be VERY helpful in my assisting you on this. I can't seem to get a mental picture in the appearance of the safety to tell what kind it is.

50of4064 11-12-2010 01:37 AM

Photos here
5 Attachment(s)
The shroud/hood - cocking tang - Peruvian Mauser is on the left.

The shroud/hood- and safety from the CZ is on the right.

Photo 1
Notice the milled out half moons and flat edge on the left safety and it's orientation to which way the handle is pointing, compare it to the CZ safety on the right, seems to be 180 degrees apart. The assembly is opposite also when attaching the safety to the shroud/hood.

Photo 2
Cocking tang - Peruvian Mauser

Photo's 3 & 4
Cocking tang - Peruvian Mauser center
The shroud/hood - cocking tang - Peruvian Mauser is on the left.
The shroud/hood- and safety from the CZ is on the right.
Notice the radius that is milled out on the left side of the shroud (Peruvian Mauser) and compare that to the CZ on the right, almost as if this is set up as a left hand safety.

Photo 5
close-up of assembled shrouds/hoods

Thank you for your help


50of4064 11-19-2010 12:56 AM

Peruvian Mauser Safety
With some help, I have found that Peru purchased from Brno a few ( #'s not known ) VZ32 Short Rifles that are allegedly based upon the Czech VZ 16/33, but "SUBJECT TO PERUVIAN NEEDS AND DESIRES"
In the late 1930's Peru purchased an indeterminate # of short rifles and designated them : Peruvian Model 1935. this being the standard export model with the exception that it has a reversed safety.

source: Military Rifles of the World, MAUSER, fourth edition,
Robert W. D. Ball,
Gun Digest Books
LCC# 2006930832

So it would seem that the shroud, sleeve lock safety are of the Model 1935 and cocking piece is yet to be determined. (I am of the mindset that it also is a model 1935.)

Thank you !

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