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biggyfries 05-06-2013 11:47 AM

Marlin 39 shallenge
I have owned a Model 39 .22 lever gun (it looks ancient but in pretty nice shape) for several years and just today I took the magazine off to clean it --it has always been kinda gritty since I've owned it. One problem: the plug at the tip of the magazine has a small "ball" that is to be depressed to extend the outer tube of the magazine when loading ammo into the mag. The ball is stuck and will not move under any circumstances. It appears it is spring loaded, meant to press it in order to pull out the magazine tube. The ball is stuck fast as if welded in place--won't move at all. I see a small pin secures the ball and presumably the spring, I was able to drive out the tiny pin but in trying to remove or disassemble it, I am unable to get ANYTHING to move. The ball is still stuck in place. Any suggestions how to free up this ball or disassemble it? I imagine there is a problem with the spring--wish I could get it apart!
Any suggestions anyone may have would be welcome.

biggyfries 05-06-2013 09:48 PM

Here's a follow-up to my own 'challenge'.
I went to work on it this AM, I tried everything I could think of, solvent, heat, compressed air--nothing seemed to dislodge the ball until I made a wire handle which was used to smack it against my anvil-- it then moved a little. after several smacks it came out enough to use needle nose pliers on it--and out she came. It was just solid with grime, dirt, packed solid with shmutz. Once it was apart it was then and easy job to clean everything and reassemble. I was even able to re-use the old spring once it was clean. Care must be taken to re-install a good pin, you will want to clean this part every few years or as necessary. I put in a pin that will be easy to remove next time.
It seems these parts are designed in such a way that they get very dirty very easily which lead to my original problem. I recommend against adding lubricant (oil) to the magazine even if it feels a little gritty. The lube will attract dirt and the ball will be plugged with grime again even sooner. Keep it dry and make it easy to take apart and service it and it should be working good again for a long time.

c3shooter 05-06-2013 10:27 PM

Biggy- the design of the original magazine tube for the Marlin 39 was subject to crud making it stick, and needlessly complicated. Wisner's sells the kit to convert the Model 39 Mag tube over to the 39A mag tube- screws up collector's value a great deal- and the values on the original Model 39s are WELL North of $1000.

BTW, there is a product called KROIL. Penetrating oil on steroids. Spritz a bit on anything stuck, wait a bit.

biggyfries 05-07-2013 01:51 PM

Good comments C3--I am a semi-knowlegable amateur and am learning as I go--I am glad to get the benefit of knowlege from a more experienced guy--I'm sure I'm not the first guy to see this problem, although there are getting to be fewer and fewer guys who understand the old guns.
Anyway I was relieved when that ball finally did move. Thanks for the Kroil tip!

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