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iskatel 12-14-2009 03:38 PM

choice Milling Machine- made in China?
Hello! Please tell me which version of milling machines made in China, will be enough to work with steel parts? (Optimum Maschinen, Sieg, Weiss, Yangzhou, Anhui ,...)
p.s.- I heard, the quality of these models are not uniquely?!

stalkingbear 12-14-2009 05:34 PM

What country are you in? The reason I ask this is that american mills have performed well for me and would serve you well if available in your area. I've seen too many poorly made chinese mills/lathes to trust them.

Bohica6-284 12-14-2009 06:02 PM

Is this a full size floor standing mill or a benchtop model that your looking for? YCI, which I think is Korean made has a fair reputation. I agree that you should try to find a US made mill. Another option you might want to look into is Grizzly.

iskatel 12-14-2009 07:23 PM

I'm from Estonia. Machines approximately 1000Watt- (2000-3000 $) mostly made in China! (I would be happy to use an alternative, but do not see how ....)))))
The question was, on the choice of a benchtop model (acceptable accuracy) to work with carbon steel!

Highpower 12-14-2009 11:12 PM

I would suggest that you go with a dovetail column machine, whatever brand you choose. Avoid the round column mill/drills.

rong fu products

map 12-30-2009 11:07 AM

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m72law 01-01-2010 03:53 PM

get a smithy....and dont look back..:D

iskatel 01-19-2010 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by map (Post 206056)

WHAT IS REAL QUALITY MACHINE OPTIMUM? (what a precision opti, ... as he eats steel (approximately 50% carbon)?)

map 01-20-2010 08:30 AM

[QUOTE = Искатель; 215132] .... (около 50% углерода )?)[/ QUOTE]


map 01-20-2010 08:33 AM


Originally Posted by iskatel (Post 215132)


Sehr gut.

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