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flingo 03-14-2010 06:31 AM

Brutal Bore Jam
Hello, first time poster here
I have made a mistake which leaves me too ashamed to go to the local gunsmith. If it comes down to it I suppose I will but I'd like all of your help first.
I have a 1908 Swedish Mauser.
I was out a proper cleaning rod at the time and I used a wooden stick to clean the bore, pushing it through with a metal rod. It stopped at one point so I (stupidly) got a mallet and tapped it down. As it turned out the metal rod had split the wooden stick in two and wedged right down the middle. So I've got a metal rod stuck in place with wood surrounding it- stuck in such a stubborn and inveterate manner that even after I (stupidly) continued pounding it, it didn't budge. It's stuck in there as if cemented in place. I have two ideas-

1. Use laboratory grade sulfuric acid to dissolve the wood. I do not want to do further damage to the rifling which I fear this may do.

2. Freeze the bore, thereby make the wood brittle and vulnerable to more hammering. I fear this will compromise the steel's stability, however.

I recognize the foolishness of these ideas but unless we can solve this by those ideas or other means, I'll have to bring it to the gunsmith and live with extreme shame. Any ideas folks? Can post photos if necessary. Thanks for taking time to read.

Gatekeeper 03-14-2010 06:49 AM

Wow...welcome to the forum.
Stop by the introductions section and introduce yourelf.

Is the end of the metal rod still sticking out?
I assume so since you were hammering on it.
Maybe smash a set of vice grips around the rod and then whack the grips with a hammer trying to back it out the way you put it in.. It will maybe pull the rod out of the wood. Hammering it in is just wedging it tighter.
If that doesnt work just take it to a gunsmith. Trust me, they've seen worse.
Now if you pour acid down the bore, then have to take it to a 'smith, that would probably be one of the worst they've ever seen.
DO NOT do this. It would make for a really nasty, toxic situation instead of just a simple mechanical problem.:eek:

dteed4094 03-14-2010 06:53 AM

Don't use the acid. How much rod is sticking out? Is it out the muzzle or the breach? What kind of metal is it? If it is sticking out the muzzle, get a piece of 1x or 2x lumber, drill a hole in it slightly larger than the rod, this will help protect the crown from any further damage. Put the vicegrips close to the wood and pry between the grips and the wood. pry as straight as possible. chances are if you used a steel rod you've already damaged the bore. How large is the stick in the bore. You can heat the barrel to expand it but don't get it over 400 degrees. The other option is to vise the rod and try to turn the barrel while pulling on it. Some people would say get a bigger hammer, Don't, it will only get worse. If you have enough sticking out you could try an impact hammer on the vise grips to rattle it out.

CA357 03-14-2010 07:52 AM

dteed has a good suggestion. Give it a try, but whatever you do, do not freeze the barrel or use a chemical on it. It went in, it will come out. Just take it out the same direction that it went in.

stalkingbear 03-14-2010 03:50 PM

Bend the metal rod in a 90 degree bend (will keep the vise grips from slipping), apply vise grips TIGHTLY to the rod, hammer the vise grips to remove the rod the same way it went in, take a proper size cleaning rod and knock the wood out. You may have to turn the rod to get it out. You likely have damaged the bore already.

Rick1967 03-14-2010 04:16 PM

Where are you located? Can you post a pic so we can get a look? Maybe someone is in your area that wouldn't mind lending a hand.

Rick1967 03-14-2010 06:33 PM

I would think twice before puting any liquid in the barrel. You could make the wood swell up. Like puting a loose hammer in a bucket of water. It makes the hanlde swell up inside the head.

flingo 03-16-2010 01:55 AM

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Thanks for the quick replies fellas, much obliged.

I have tried heating the barrel as oer dteed's recommendation, but to no avail. Going to attempt the grips next but it will be tricky, I was not entirely clear about the nature of the problem.

The metal rod is sticking out of the breach, not the muzzle.
After the rod first became stuck in the wood, I continued hammering it in through the muzzle. I then used a metal rod the exact width of the barrel to continue to hammer it in, hoping to get it through the other side. I made some progress, getting the rod at least halfway out of the breach, until it finally became stuck so fiercely that no more progress in this manner was possible.

It will be difficult to get vice grips into the chamber but I'll see what I can do.
Once this problem is resolved, is there a method of resurfacing or otherwise smoothing a bore? Thanks again for all of your help.

I am right in the middle of California's coastline, the Monterey Bay area.

Poink88 03-16-2010 02:25 AM

Sorry to say this but I would bet that the rod did not stay in the middle of the wood rod and you probably damaged the barrel already.

I hope I am mistaken though.

MoHawk 03-16-2010 02:39 AM

Use the acid. Actually, bad idea. But if you do, take video

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