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Ben91 10-16-2012 01:41 AM

bent front sight
So my uncle, my brother,and me were out sighting in our ( mine and my uncle's) rifles. Well we got them sighted in and my brother decided to put a few rounds through my grandfather's Marlin 336c. After two shot we found that it wasn't even hitting paper. So i fired a few rounds and hit way high and to the left. The hole was only an inche away from the edge of the paper. We were adjusting the rear sight for like an hour and a half till we finaly found that the front sight was bent. So i want to fix it. I was thinking that i could just heat it up enough to bend it back into place. If anyone has any ideas please help.

c3shooter 10-16-2012 02:09 AM

On a 336, the front sight is in a dovetail base held on by two screws. Remove the base before you try fiddling with the sight. You may be better off ordering a new sight insert- it is a press-in dovetail. Do NOT heat anything while it is on the barrel.

Ben91 10-16-2012 02:30 AM

I'll have to look at it. The front sight isn't that bent its just not accurate at range. My dad took a deer on it a few years back. If i remember right it was about 30yds. So there's no real rush to it. I might just get a new sight to save on time. I gotta get some parts for another rifle. Might as well get them all at the sam time.

hiwall 10-16-2012 01:43 PM

I would try bending it back cold after you take it off the gun. The metal is fairly soft and it was cold when it bent the first time. Heat it enough to make a difference bending and you will lose the sight bead.

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