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xr650rider 03-05-2011 04:26 PM

bedding material
i have some fiberglass gel left from an automotive project, can i use that to bed my recoil lug and 1 1/2 inches of the barrel? im new to this stuff, so if thats a dumb question, im sorry.

rifleman55 03-05-2011 04:40 PM

It might work, but I would not chance it. It may compress and then you would have to grind it all out. Better to do it the right way.
Get some Brownells Accu Glass gel or even though it's more expensive, the Steel Bed is the best bedding material out there, it won't give, compress and gives the best bedding.
Marine Tex is good also, but I like the Brownells Steel bed because you just mix it 50-50.
I bed all my rifles with the Steel Bed. I just got done doing my H&R 5200.
If it's a light kicking rifle, the gel or JB Weld will be fine, a hard kicking rifle, use the Steel bed or one of the other bedding compounds with metal in them.
I've bedded hundreds of rifles and it's best to use proper material made for bedding, that way you will not have any problems.

John K

xr650rider 03-05-2011 04:47 PM

its a model 70 lightweight 30-06 but i plan to use managed recoil ammo. just want to use up the crap i have laying around. would have to be better than no bedding at all, right?

rifleman55 03-05-2011 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by xr650rider (Post 458054)
its a model 70 lightweight 30-06 but i plan to use managed recoil ammo. just want to use up the crap i have laying around. would have to be better than no bedding at all, right?

The 30-06 is a fairly hard kicking rifle in a light stock. I'd buy a small set of the Steel bed. You can buy just the two parts, you don't need their bedding kit. It will protect the stock from cracking and will not move.
If you are interested in the best accuracy and want something you know will last, get the right stuff.
Be sure to put a couple thickness of electrical tape on the front, sides and bottom of the recoil lug before bedding. The recoil lug should touch only at the rear of the lug. Also, with a lightweight barrel, bed no more than the first inch of the barrel or you will have accuracy problems as the barrel heats from shooting.
I'm a retired gunsmith. I've had a great deal of experience in bedding. I don't think what you have will do the job. It will crack it time from the shock of the recoil.

It's your rifle, you can do as you wish, but I've done more than enough bedding to know what works and what does not.
At the very least, buy some JB weld, it's cheap and works pretty good.
Be sure to put modeling clay in any openings so you don't lock the action in the stock and use a good release agent.
Hard floor wax works good, some use shoe wax, but I've never tried it. Brownells sells a spay on release agent, not cheap, but it's the best stuff out there.
Take a Dremel tool and really rough up the areas the bedding will go, I cut into the wood or plastic, really rough it up to give the bedding something to get a good bite into.
I never have had one come back.
Make sure the barrel is centered in the stock also, you may need to put a paper wedge inbetween the barrel and stock at the front of the stock to hold the barrel so it's centered.

You do want to bed a lightweight stock, at the least, spend $5.00 on some JB weld and do tape the recoil lug as I suggested if you want the best accuracy. One inch at the barrel max on a lightweight barrel.
It costs so little to do it right.

My Best, John K

stalkingbear 03-05-2011 05:54 PM

I recommend you use Acra-Glas gel or Steel Bed KIT. Both are available from World's Largest Supplier of Gun Parts, Gunsmith Tools & Shooting Accessories - Brownells . All they are is epoxy specially formulated for bedding rifles. I personally use Acra-Glas gel. It don't run like the regular stuff does. I'd also recommend you buy the kit as it includes not only excellent instructions, but also everything you'll need including stain, measure, and release agent. You'll DEFINITELY need to follow the instructions to the letter when using the release agent. Another thing is to get some modeling clay to act as dams to prevent the bedding material from running places you don't want it to.

xr650rider 03-06-2011 01:19 AM

thanks guys, im going to buy a bedding kit with everything in it. i already ground out the yellowish epoxy that winchester had in the recoil lug area. now the whole action fell all the way into the barrel channel. could i build up the barrel channel with duct tape to hold the barrel up so the front of the action doesnt sink so far down? and let the bedding cure so it will kinda float the barrel too.

stalkingbear 03-06-2011 04:13 AM

Yes you could use duct tape but I prefer electrical tape-less sticky goo left on the barrel that way. Be careful not to overtighten the action screws if you use them and put PLENTY of release agent on everything.

xr650rider 03-06-2011 12:46 PM

thanks stalkingbear. nice elk in your profile pic. we have elk running around here in elk co. pa. tourists love them, locals hate them. but the goverment looks at it as, the elk bring money into the area.(for hotels, diners, stores, etc.) so they love the elk. to me they are just another deer, just much bigger. dave

Mossyoakman3006 03-09-2011 03:12 AM

What about DEVCON 10760 titanium watched a couple of vids and it seems like the way to go, I no little to nothing about bedding but I wanna get my 700 bedded and I would like to make sure he uses the best stuff out there

xr650rider 03-09-2011 10:44 AM

thanks for the input mossyoakman3006. i already ordered a kit from midway usa. it will be my first bedding job, but i feel that i have read enough up on it that i should do a "good" job. and if it doesnt go well, i will prob pick up a boyds thumbhole stock and give it another try. i really like he looks of a laminated thumbhole stock.

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