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Millwright 07-15-2011 03:30 AM

A-5 Trigger Problem
My older A-5 suddently came up with a trigger malady I can't seem to diagnose.

When you charge/load the chamber the interupter sear doesn't clear, meaning the gun won't fire until you press the trigger forward. After that it works normally. When I press the trigger forward a distinct "click" is heard.

Any ideas/suggestions ? >MW

danf_fl 07-15-2011 08:36 AM

Replacement spring?

AmericanArmsEngineering 07-15-2011 05:58 PM

Sure sounds like the trigger return spring to me

stalkingbear 07-15-2011 08:17 PM

It sounds like trigger spring to me too. It's an easy fix and only about 6-7$ at

AmericanArmsEngineering 07-15-2011 09:04 PM

It maybe an inexpensive part but it is deep in the trigger assembly. If you attempt this yourself you should have a diagram on hand for reference if you are not familiar with the design. Also have the proper hollow ground screw driver bits if you take on this project.

Vearl Brown 07-20-2011 10:51 PM

It don't happen often but it does happen. The A-5 trigger spring has two ears on it that ride on the back of the trigger. On occasion one will break off. It's also POSSIBLE that is just dirty and could use a good cleaning. The good news for you is that this is NOT a bag major nor expensive fix to do.

Millwright 07-20-2011 11:44 PM

Thanks gang !! >MW

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