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patt323 02-18-2013 10:29 PM

181 series mini-14 scope mounts
new so don't kill me to bad, looking\ at removing rear peapsight have a metal block sized to fit in it's place. Have a screw fitting on top for piccanny rail. Have the front clip that the (wood) hand hold clips to barrel set with possibley a form of zurt fitting to screw the other end of rail to. Anyone ever do this or attenpt this.

JTJ 02-18-2013 11:09 PM

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You might want to look at an Amega rail and forward mount a pistol or ler scope. You have to remove the scope to remove the bolt for cleaning if it is mounted over the receiver.

Txhillbilly 02-19-2013 12:24 AM

Leupold used to make a scope mount for the early series Mini 14's. I had one on my 180 series.
You will need to get the receiver drilled and tapped for it to mount.

JTJ 02-19-2013 01:01 AM

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