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ZZTop 10-08-2007 05:10 PM

Are switchblades illegal in the united states? Why are they illegal?

Also, there are knives that do the same thing because of the center of balance and design (you can flick them open) so why is the particular switchblade mechanism illegal or is it an outdated law?

bkt 10-08-2007 08:21 PM

It's a state-by-state thing.

And it's an outdated and meaningless law. No switchblade is as fast as a fixed blade, but fixed blades are legal just about everywhere.

csteinman 10-09-2007 07:25 AM

i have a pretty sweet mini-boot/throwing knife i have. it's a s&w.

here in Ohio you shouldn't carry a blade longer than 2 inches, and also it's illegal to carry a switchblade at all. you can own anything though, obviously. for the record, i'm not a lawyer.

bkt is right though, laws are completely different state by state.

for example, you can't purchase or carry brass knuckles in ohio, but you can still own them. you can buy them in south carolina and own them, but you can't carry them there either i'm pretty sure.

here's an interesting tidbit on ohio gun law too: handguns cannot be purchased by anyone under 21 either from an FFL or privately, nor can handgun ammunition. however, there are no laws against possession except carry. so, a 10 year old can keep a loaded handgun under his pillow legally. we all know though, if he shot himself or something there'd be issues with other laws regarding parenting, etc

BoarderX47 11-04-2007 03:03 AM

Actually in Ohio it is Legal to purchase and carry if you are a police officer or are an active soldier in the Military

EHCRain10 02-12-2008 11:15 PM

Legal in VA and Tenn

teknoid 02-12-2008 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by EHCRain10 (Post 16196)
Legal in VA and Tenn

And KY. Legal to carry with CCDW, not without.

billdeserthills 03-25-2008 02:44 PM

I Arizona everything is legal to own& carry except for Nunchuks.
I sell switchblades, only thing is without a CCW any knife over 3" is illegal if concealed

Zappa 03-26-2008 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by billdeserthills (Post 19973)
I Arizona everything is legal to own& carry except for Nunchuks.
I sell switchblades, only thing is without a CCW any knife over 3" is illegal if concealed

Here in the Peoples Republik of Taxachusetts, it's just the opposite of Arizona, almost everything is illegal here. You can't have switchblades, stilettos, double edge knives, daggers, nunchuks, throwing stars, blowguns, slingshots, billy clubs, cane swords or stun guns. It's a felony if you're caught carrying any of these. However, guns are legal to carry, provided you have a license. But, the tricky part is actually getting a license............That's another story :mad:

DirtyHarry 04-20-2008 07:30 AM

Got locked up for having a S&W S.W.A.T stilleto knockoff in my car.It was in a bag on the back seat. In Houston, Tx. It was a class A misdeamenor which was dismissed in court. Im just glad they got the $40.00 version and not my S.W.A.T switch-folder 1st production run that I paid $150.00 for.

billdeserthills 04-22-2008 09:54 PM

Well, that sucks, nice of "them" to let you off with just a fine.

Seems to me that the Second Amendment should cover switchblades too.

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