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Marthor 12-31-2011 05:53 PM

Rescue Knife
I got the idea to get a rescue knife from the other thread. Since I had a Christmas gift card to Amazon, I ordered this one...

It was only $8 and free shipping, so that's pretty darn cheap and the quality seems to exceed that price. The only problem was "possible" false advertising on Amazon since it was listed as Mtech and the picture showed an Mtech knife, but the actual knife doesn't have Mtech anywhere on the knife or the packaging.

I watched a video review of the Mtech rescue knife and this one appears to be an exact replica in every detail except for not being labelled Mtech. So far, I give it a good grade for a quality value. I did a test cut with the seat-belt cutter notch and it worked good. The glass-breaker point looks like it would work. The knife flips open nice too.

I'm interested in hearing other rescue knife recommendations too. I'd like to get another rescue knife for the other car and maybe even another to carry. Any better values than this one?

Marthor 01-01-2012 02:15 PM

I went to the flea market yesterday with my brother-in-law and came across this Karambit-style rescue knife. I paid only $15.

It's a bit smaller than the other knife, so it will be my new carry. It's an Mtech TAC-FORCE Speedster Karambit rescue folding knife with a Special Forces medallion. The Karambit design originated in Java and is made to be like a tigerís claw. The rescue features are a glass-breaker point and a seatbelt-cutting notch.

Tacti-cool and different, I'm glad I found this little blade. :D

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