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FL-panhandle 06-20-2013 10:07 PM

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I'm getting into knives

I'll start at the bottom
1. Marine Raider Bowie from Ontario Knife Co

2. Spartan Knife w grivory handle by Cold Steel

3. Fixed blade GI knife by OKC

4. Tanto blade folder by Gerber

5. Tactical blade folder by Tac- Force

txpossum 06-21-2013 02:43 PM

Just beware. Collecting knives can be addicting.

DrumJunkie 06-21-2013 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by txpossum (Post 1282469)
Just beware. Collecting knives can be addicting.

This is a fact!

For me it's more about folding pocket knives like case, hen & rooster, kissing crane, and the daddy of them all Case. There's others but those are the biggies.
Start getting into older knives that have never been sharpened since new and you can spend a lot of money really fast!:eek:
I'm a little particular about what knives I like and look for most.I'm partial to the doctors knives and trapper patterns. I love stilettos but don't know enough to make a real educated guess on value....yet. I do have a couple older Kissing Crane stilettos one with stag scales that I lucked into though.

What ever style you get into look for the better made ones. For Case knives thee are collector books that can get you in the ballpark with prices. I'm not sure about other types of knife though. I do know that knives that have a stronger collector base the prices can drive up fast.

txpossum 06-21-2013 04:05 PM

The best advice I ever heard about collecting knives is to collect what you like. It's a labor of love, not a business venture. Buy the best that you can afford. Keep the boxes and paperwork that comes with the knives.

Over the years my collection has changed direction several times. At various times I have focused on slip joints, like Case, Fight'n Rooster, Bulldog, Queen, etc.. ; then I'll get on a vintage Marble's kick; for a while it was Effingham Blackjacks; etc. etc. Every so often I go through and sell the ones that I'm not as intererested in anymore.

Marthor 06-21-2013 06:02 PM

Nice set of knives!
The 3rd one looks like what they call the "Air Force Survival knife".

FL-panhandle 06-21-2013 06:13 PM

Thanks for all the advice guys. Yep. The wife is already getting my goat for paying 65 for the cold steel. I didn't tell her I'm just getting started

FL-panhandle 06-21-2013 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Marthor
Nice set of knives!
The 3rd one looks like what they call the "Air Force Survival knife".

Thanks. I think your correct on that 3 rd knife

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