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Metal Knuckles

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Paddlelocks and a handkerchief work well, too.

I've used "brass knuckles" for hitting the bag, and I can tell you that unless they fit very well they will cause the puncher pain at the same time.

Roll of quarters? I used to carry around a 4" piece of 1" diameter steel rod. The weight behind the fist seems to be more effective than some steel in front.

The truth is that there are more objects in most women's purses that can be used as a defense weapon. Heck, that peppermint at the bottom with all of the lint attached can be used to gross out any attacker.
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I don't know about other states, but here in Florida, with a concealed carry permit, in addition to firearms, we can carry blackjacks, slungshots, automatic knives, double edged daggers, stilettos, etc. The only requirement is that they be concealed.
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Lewis- here in Virginia, the permit is for a concealed handgun. Says that on the license.
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Originally Posted by c3shooter View Post
Lewis- here in Virginia, the permit is for a concealed handgun. Says that on the license.
The first two lines at the top of my Florida license are:


I guess every state has a different idea of what you can carry.
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Skully is correct, knuckles are not one size fits all, and ill fitting ones can break your hand.

In addition, one has to actually be an effective puncher. Adding weight to a sloppy punch helps little, especially if you're too slow to land one in the first place.

Beyond that, you've just hindered grappling ability.

They look good, though.
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Working in construction I have always had something within reach that can be used as a weapon. Fortunately my Deathstick hammer has not been needed to deter a human. A 6' level has, but not my hammer.
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Just walk around naked, except for swim fins, a lamp shade on your head and a pillow case with 4 pool balls. Works for me!
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i always thought brass knucks where legal,just as long as you dont use (bust persons in face) or conceal them.?...does a CWP permit make them legal to have on your persons? long as they can be shipped to your statei would say they would be better than nuttin if thats all you have to help fight off more than one cheap as they are...use & throw for the one size fits all,they do...dont use them to hit straight on...use them in a slashing fashion,kinda like the way you would use a knife & you want have to worry about broken hand/s...of course the trench knife is best of both worlds...of course im old,i'd would just shoot before i had to stab someone
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Brass Knuckles may be illegal, but a bowie knife with brass knuckles as a handle and detaching blade isn't. Or it might be, but I had an easy enough time buying one.
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the illegal part isnt usually the buying its the getting caught with it on your person part. kind like bongs. you can buy em in most smoke shops. get pulled over for something and the cops find it its called drug paraphanalia. but usually they need corroberating evidence to make that stick. same with nucs. the cops would prolly need to catch ya doing something naughty then they could make a case for the nucs in your pocket.

just having em isnt really enough. they are kinda like hot sauce on your taco an enhancer for your prize.
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