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maddog 05-04-2007 03:04 PM

M7 Bayonets?
How could I date a M7 Bayonet without the use of an antiques dealer? Any ideas?

RONSERESURPLUS 05-14-2007 11:29 AM

M-7 Bayonette date?

Ron L here = Seresurplus

As for your M-7, these are made of course to fit the AR-15/M-16 series of Rifles/ Carbines, other than the Colt Marked Model and some of the Blades being made as a Bowie Pattern and some with Saw Teeth on the back, I'm not aware of any other way of Telling thier Manuf date? I know of No serises codes, markings or stampings that would help? Sorry, I just don't think, other than a General Date of After the M-16 went into service can you set a realistic date? Wish O could be of more help, but I know of no other way?


marysdad 07-07-2007 02:40 AM

If you post the markings on the bayonet, I may be able to help. I have some data on when the contracts were let to some of the manufacturers. I don't have all, but maybe we'll get lucky.

Rotterdam1953 03-14-2008 04:25 PM

M7 bayonets

Originally Posted by maddog (Post 795)
How could I date a M7 Bayonet without the use of an antiques dealer? Any ideas?

No antique dealer will be able to give any details surrounding bayonets as recent as M7s. Blades from WW2 perhaps and earlier too maybe. The real experts are out there and thanks to the WWW I have been able to glean much info on blades and helmets.
I recently chanced onto a website just by Googleing 'M9 bayonets' and one in particular run by a Mister Moon has some fine pictures and information. I recommend the site to anyone.
Try the same with M7 bayonets and you'll be impressed with the info that comes up.
I have only seen one example of a cheap M7 chinese copy and it was SO bad that it was laughable. No so, however, with a chinese fake of an M9 that I bought in 2005 at a militaria show back here in the UK.
This 'fake' is of an even better quality that the real thing but the funny thing is that the markings do not copy an exisiting make like Phrobis, Lancay, Buck or Ontario Knife Co.
The base of the blade featured a pencil etching serial number and the scabbard too, was of a high quality.


RONSERESURPLUS 03-17-2008 07:20 PM

M7 Bayonets
Hello all


I have sold some new and Older M-7 Bayonets and they all are far too new to really carry any sort of value! Many companies made them, they are mostly made of poor quality that they are mostly 20-35$ items! Past that, it's a crap shoot! I have sold maybe 12 of them and they never brought more than that in my part of the US! I sold one to a chap in England for 35!

matt g 03-17-2008 09:52 PM

I broke 3 M7s in basic training during bayonet training.

gspell68 04-29-2012 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by matt g (Post 19386)
I broke 3 M7s in basic training during bayonet training.

As a military instructor, I can only tell you that you were using poor technique.
The M-7 was designed as a thrusting/slashing weapon. Lateral movement on an actual enemy target would never break an M-7 blade. However, stabbing a cross-section slab-o'-tree (like a few courses used) and putting lateral leverage on the blade from the butt of an M-16 while trying to run to the next target without fully withdrawing it would certainly damage any blade ever made and is not a design fault of the M-7.

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