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Dzscubie 07-27-2011 05:15 AM

Look at what the mail brought
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I left last Saturday at 0700 hours on a 1700 mile trip from El Paso, Texas to Springfield, Illinois to help my Father-in-Law drive his 35 foot RV. We got in on Sunday at 1930 hours and at 0900 hours Monday I was on my way to Saint Louis to fly back to El Paso.
When I got home about 1330 hours I found a huge box in front of my door that was addressed to me. Well, I opened it and found a beautiful treasure chest wrapped in some serious bubble wrap. “What in the hell is this?” I thought to myself and with a little trepidation opened the chest.

HOLY SH*T!!!! staring up at me was the most beautiful and fantastic piece of workman ship I have ever had the pleasure to see. Like the lure of a beautiful siren she called to me and I had to feel her in my hands… she fit like she was made for me and in reality she was.

When Nitrox made his first knife I knew I had to have him make one for me for my Cowboy Action Rig that Glass made. I asked and Nitrox did not miss a beat and said he would be happy to. We discussed type of blades and he sent me many different types to choose from. Well we finally found the blade I wanted and then discussed the handle. I wanted Stag handle but wanted them brass riveted and Nitrox said he would see what he could do. Man, let me tell you Nitrox crawled into my head and knew exactly what I wanted. Here is “Baby” my new love … Glass is already thinking of the sheath she is going to make and as soon as we get back from South Carolina she will start. Oh, we will be seeing Tango on this trip and if Shi and RSG can make the time we will meet them also and I plan to take “Baby” with me to show her off.
Enjoy, but remember…… she fits only one hand… MINE.


doctherock 07-27-2011 05:19 AM

That is one sharp looking knife and I like the box it came in as well. Cant wait to see what Glass does for the sheath.

CA357 07-27-2011 05:34 AM

That is a beauty! Please take a couple of close ups, I'd like a closer look. (old eyes)

Dzscubie 07-27-2011 06:01 AM

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You got it Don, here you go...

doctherock 07-27-2011 06:11 AM

Thanks for the pics, those really show the true size of the knife.

freefall 07-27-2011 06:35 AM

Ook ook, Nitrox. Well struck sir, damn well struck! Did you make the blade? Out of what? What kind of heat treat? Is that top edge sharp? I'm seriously envying your skills there. We need a covetous smiley.

NitroxAZ 07-27-2011 03:55 PM

I am flattered that you like "YOUR" knife as she was a hard lady to part with for sure. She looks right at home with your Cowboy Action Rig. I am also glad you like the presentation box as she was too precious just to ship in packing material alone. Our communication prior to the build was key to it being tailored to you. I will also take your advice to heart and make sure that my future work has my "Maker's Mark" on them. I am trying to find out how the custom guys do theirs and will need to come up with a design. Maybe our FTF members can help me with a design that will fit easily on a blade. I can't wait to see what Glass will do with the sheath. Judging by the rig she made for you, it will be nothing short of perfection.

It was an honor and a privelige to build her for such a solid FTF brother.

Ploofy 07-27-2011 04:02 PM

Sexxxy. Nitro, you should be proud of yourself.

IGETEVEN 07-27-2011 07:50 PM

Nice knife and craftsmanship there Nitrox. :cool:

Scubie, you are a lucky turd! ;) :D

orangello 07-27-2011 07:55 PM

That is one fine knife! The handle is beautiful, especially the brass cap on the butt.

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