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AdAstra2009 11-03-2009 12:49 AM

Hunting Knife question
I live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and I recently purchased a Buck 119 Hunting Knife (7 inches fixed blade).

Is it legal to keep this knife in the glove compartment or the trunk of my car?

c3shooter 11-03-2009 03:48 AM

Some reading for you:

A fixed blade hunting knife will be considered as a dirk or bowie knife. If it is "about your person"- and yes, a glove compartment will be considered as such- well, "Houston, we have a problem". Locked in your trunk should be a different matter.

Please note is not just concealed. It refers to carrying. Anne Arundel has some strict laws. Expect next year Maryland will begin outlawing sharp sticks, and pointy rocks. Need phone number for a good Realtor here in Virginia? Come on down 301, and cross over the bridge at Dahlgren.......:rolleyes:

canebrake 11-03-2009 03:55 AM

Just keep driving South all the way down here to the "GunShine State".

AdAstra2009 11-03-2009 07:23 PM

When am I allowed to carry this knife??

Am I even allowed to carry it if I'm hiking/camping/hunting?

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