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PuppetMaster 05-18-2007 04:14 PM

Anyone here use a blowgun and care to comment on it? I've been thinking learning/playing with one might be fun.

a1huntingsupply 05-18-2007 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by PuppetMaster (Post 1602)
Anyone here use a blowgun and care to comment on it? I've been thinking learning/playing with one might be fun.

I have one in my garage right now, my son has a target set up in there.

They are very accurate and easy to use. I bet most people would be surprised what you can do with one. I always bought strings of beads and made the darts myself. The bead darts are not as effective as the cone darts but they are cheaper.

RONSERESURPLUS 05-21-2007 11:05 PM

Hello all


After a few Missions in S America and watching the natives with thier Version of the weapons, I started making my Own copy out of .50 conduit, it was free or cheap at any Construction site, and I make my own Darts out of Plastic from Milk Jugs, and a Plum BOB and Nails!

I've Taken small Game, Rabbits, and Squerrls and such with them, but onlt close up! I se one that is made to break down and screw back together as bast, my current Model is near 6 FT long and really packs a wallop!

Great option for NO firearms hunting and it's fun to booT!

ron L

robocop10mm 07-09-2007 02:14 PM

I had a friend in College that would shoot roaches (the insect) with his. He ws deadly accurate with his at 12-15 feet.

deerhuntguy 07-10-2007 12:03 AM

I got one, great for getting rid of the occasional mouse in the house.

zrgypsy63 05-24-2008 12:59 AM

Greetings from 'a brand new guy'

Hello all!
Yes. I first used a 50 caliber 5 footer back in '92, when a Friend of mine turned me onto target shooting... we'd sit in an unheated unfurnished, unfooded house in the dead of winter playing 'cricket' on a dart board; waiting for the weather to break so we could get back out and do some scooter riding... Ahhhh, to be young and free and stupid again! We were pretty good with it; the darts were home made - marble type beads and good stiff wire.
I now own a little 3 ft model, 40 cal; and am still a pretty fair shot.
I prefer the spear type, 5" darts for the kinetic impact as well as the penetration factor from the needle sharpness of the flattened out spearhead, but the small type 'spikes' pack a good whollop as well. I'm sure that rabbits and squirrels and the occasional foul would be a dinner p[late, depending on the legalities of the respective hunters domain.
It's my plan to try to patent a new type of dart; no details until I get a good attorney, but they are awfully noville!
I have run a few searches and it appears that one can purchase actual Poison Dart Frogs on the net a few different places, the caveat is that in captivity they won't (claimed) produce the toxins due to the "in captivity" diet. I found that initially hard to believe because I saw a documentary or two where they were being kept FOR toxin extraction in a few Pharmo development laboratories. Then I learned just the other day that it is INDEED due to diet, it seems that they don't actually have their own toxin, that it is produced from the wide variety of insects that have THEIR own toxins, and after ingestion / digestion, that the minute quantities of toxic material from Central American: mites, fleas, mosquito's, yadayadayada, is assimilated and then developed into a secretion that is indeed deadly.
Very interesting stuff! Awfully expensive, for just a novelty though. I suppose one could re-numerate efficiently by a breeding / selling program... at $275 a mated or sexed pair... A 50 gallon terrarium set up could become quite lucrative!
Anyhow... Howdy folks!
Other weapon in home is a pretty clean and efficient KSI 9mm... Researched after purchase, it appears that it is actually a Norinco, 9mm Chinese Officer Sidearm reproduction. I've familiarized myself with it on the range and went through 2 boxes of regular target rounds; fairly quickly, under an hour, just to try to shake it loose and see if it would mis-feed, misfire or otherwise jam up.
It was a keeper.
Kept bedside now with a clip full of hollow points.
I hope to enjoy the site here. Being wheelchair restricted, I have alot of time to sit and peck, as I listen to Alex Jones scare the crap out of me each day, waiting for Coast to Coast A.M. to spring up at 10P.M. to help me through the lonely nights!
Peace u all... And if not, well then - center mass and keep on squeezing. ;)

RL357Mag 06-15-2008 07:41 PM

15 years ago I shot a squirrel in a tree with my blow gun. 4" spring steel dart with bead on one end. Unfortunately the dart pinned the squirrels hind leg to the tree - where he remained. They are accurate to about 50'. I bought palstic broad head tips and conical rear nocks but they lack the energy of the bead which is heavier.

blowgun247 08-06-2008 11:11 AM

ive just made a 4 foot long blowgun out of pvc and use cone darts for shooting them. there great fun for target practise and hunting. ive just recently come across a brand new way of making practise darts for the blowgun. if you wish to see how i make them then please check out my website and look at "making the darts" page as it will tell you how to make the cones and about 6 different type of darts including a full broadhead which is the ultimate dart for hunting. please visit and please leave a message in the guestbook thanks
Aaron. (blowgun247)

leif901 10-06-2008 05:34 AM

i have been wanting to purchase a blowgun for quite some time now, but first i want to research on what is best to buy or make. and most of you are well experienced users, so, what size and kind of blow gun do you use and what would you recommend? length? calibration? and type?

Benning Boy 11-09-2008 10:38 PM

These can be had anywhere quality tactical ninja gear is sold, flea markets, on line, etc.

Seriously, while I wouldn't invest real money in one, I have a junk aluminum one that is suprisingly accurate. As for attachments/ accessories, mine came with a dart quiver that attached to the shaft and held 8 darts. Cool till I grabbed it wrong and stabbed myself with 4 of those darts.

Good thing they were plain unenhanced darts.:eek:

Get a cheapie and have fun with it.

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