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Trez 05-20-2011 07:39 PM

...... And the Bayonets
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I just did a thread for people to show their mil-surps, but cant forget the bayonets that go on them!!
top to bottom: 1942 AFH Springfield/Garand Long bayonet, '37-'42 Japanese Arisaka Type 30, 1943 Mosin-Nagant M91/30, unknown date- East German AK-47. The ones to the side are a Russian SKS blade bayonet and a Chinese SKS spike bayonet..

fireguy 05-20-2011 07:53 PM

You just opened a big can of worms, brother.
Some of the peeps here think a butter knife is not complete without a bayonet. Look out.

wmille01 05-21-2011 12:29 AM

I have a question anyone know where I can get a blade bayonet for a sks?

goretro77 05-21-2011 02:01 AM

Arsenal SGL-21:

VitSports6 05-21-2011 02:35 AM


I have only begun, Much to my wife's pleasure...
But I only have a Mosin toothpick and a Lan-Cay M9, I may be looking for one for an M1 if the deal works out.

Shihan 05-21-2011 04:07 PM

No drummer! no tambourettes,
The earth is our drum wherever we come,
Bayonets, bayonets, bayonets, bayonets,
Bayonets, bayonets, bayonets, bayonets,
Where's the drumstick that ever could beat,
Where's the drumhead that ever could drum,
Like the mighty foot of our thousand feet,
And the earth that is dumb till we come and come?
Come and come and come and come
Bayonets, bayonets, bayonets, bayonets.
--S.T. Dobell
Excellent, that's what I am talking about.

Snakedriver 05-21-2011 09:25 PM

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The bayonet that goes on my old Spanish Mauser:

goretro77 05-21-2011 11:15 PM

^^^ Nice!

Thanks for the good words guys. Lets keep this thread going! Anyone else?:D

Ploofy 05-22-2011 11:04 AM

As a reasonably unreasonable knife enthusiast, I gotta say that for all the awesomeness of a knife and gun combined, I really hate bayonets. They can disable both tools. This being said, stellar collections, guys.

Hawg 05-22-2011 12:02 PM

Wilkinson 1917 Lee Enfield.

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