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back in the mid 1990's a co-worker owned an archery shop he ran at nights and on the weekends. well we go to be friends and he introduced me to archery. well i decided to buy a bow and learn how to shoot. he got me a PSE package deal and away i went! at lunch at work he and several of at work would practice shooting. there was about seven of us that would practice at lunchtime! it was good for me, because all of the other guys were much better shooters than i was and i was able to get a lot of help from them. in the evenings when i got home i would practice for about an hour or so. after about six months or so, i got to where i could keep every shot into about an 8" pattern at 40 yards.

i got back into archery somewhat again a few years ago. but with so many other things going on, it's really hard to devote the time it needs for me to get back to the point i was years ago. but it's a hobby that i still enjoy when i get the chance to do it.
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I shoot this PSE Mossy Oak X for fun. I use carbon arrows. It works great.

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Originally Posted by Vikingdad

Can't argue with that. I have always wanted to make one myself. I am still looking for the perfect blank of wood for it though.
It's a great skill to learn! I've learned how to make four sanded and rasped nice pieces of firewood so far. Then learned how important a nice strait grained plank is, good luck man!
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A pyramid bow is a fairly forgiving form of bow to try for your first home built longbow. They tend to be overbuilt and can overcome some minor flaws that could ruin a more conventional flat bow or English longbow.
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[QUOTE=Vikingdad;1284344]Yes, but if you are careful you can use the carbon arrows indefinitely. I have to re-fletch some of mine (I also have some aluminum arrows in need of fletching.) but unless you lose them or bend them they do last a long, long time.

Yea they are pretty durable but I don't like to use them hunting I prefer to use aluminum arrows for hunting just because if I lose it or it breaks I'm not torn up about it. But I just don't like paying so much for my arrows I know that they'll last me a long time but I've let a few dinners go because I was worried about losing an $8 with a $8-15 tip on it depending what I was hunting.
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I still hunt and shoot my 50# Browning "Nomad" full working recurve bow. Lots of fun and keeps you in shape.
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I do !! I have a #50 samick sage takedown recurve and its a awesome target or small game bow and I really dig the history of recurves.
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I myself enjoy traditional archery also. A hunting buddy of mine is an excellent bowyer and has helped me build a few bows, mainly self bows, I build a very nice English style osage longbow from a stave from Mr. Gary Davis of Michigan, he is a wealth of info and very enthusiastic about teaching the bowyers craft and a real gentleman. My favorite is a Howard Hill longbow , Craig Eakin is a top notch fellow and will help you through the whole process of deciding which bow is best for your needs and his service and turn around times are unbelievably quick and efficient. I have had a couple of old Grayling Michigan Bear recurves, but my long arms and draw length are not good with Bears, I broke a beautiful one made in about 1972 which I should have just put up and let it grow in value,, my bad, if I own it, I shoot it. Stick and string for me, although compounds are great hunting machines, the lines and beauty of traditional equipment gets me every time.
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I used to shoot alot of competition as a sponsored shooter , but now that my kids are into sports I dont have time . I think I have owned just about every brand out there . They all make really good bows now a days and most all of them stay together now Here are a few that I have owned over the past few years

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I enjoy flinging arrows in the backyard.....

Gotta a couple of box targets and one 3d deer.....after a little warm up I can put 6 in a 3" group at 35yds.
Have sat in the woods a lot with the bow but never had a shot
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