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RMTactical 08-15-2007 08:19 PM

Any CRKT fans out there?
I love mine.

RONSERESURPLUS 08-16-2007 12:31 AM

Crkt Fans?
Hello All


Yes, I am a fan as well! I own a Copy of the A.G. Russell STING 1A Boot Knife, an exact copy, except the sheath, I liked the Waterbuffalo sheath on the Origional better, but the knife, the steel, the ballence, all that I had missed in my old sting 1A but at a price I could affoard! It not resides aside my Foebus Holster with my BHP Clone on my day to day carry belt!

robocop10mm 08-16-2007 12:16 PM

I carry my M-16/14Z daily. The only issue I have is with the pocket clip screws working loose. I must re-tighten weekly.

1984cj 08-16-2007 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by robocop10mm (Post 6639)
I carry my M-16/14Z daily. The only issue I have is with the pocket clip screws working loose. I must re-tighten weekly.

You might try some blue loctite or some clear nail polish on those screws.

I like CRKT just fine. They are IMHO a no frills knife that performs as advertised everytime you need it at an affordable price. Can't ask for much more than that.:cool:

cnorman18 08-18-2007 04:10 AM

CRKT makes a good knife; I carried a KISS for a while and liked it. I collect folders, and most of mine are Case knives. My all-time favorite, the perfect knife for me, is a Case Mini Trapper with a Wharncliff blade instead of the spey. Now that the French are our friends again, I guess it's okay to say I have a 10-cm Laguiole that I like, too.

AR Hammer 08-31-2007 05:31 AM

The girlfriend carries an M-16 when we are out camping or trail riding, or working on the farm.
She really likes it.

I like something a little smaller/lighter or something like a brush hook. I don't use many mid size folders, but I do like the way the M-16 and a couple others we've had from CRKT are made and function.
Top quality knife without the stupid huge price...

RMTactical 12-14-2007 07:10 AM

I just picked up another CRKT the other day, I really like these knives!!

Duck 12-15-2007 04:09 AM

I carry a M-16 as my daily use pocket knife. It does what it needs to do.

matt g 12-15-2007 04:13 PM

The M16s are bad for Taiwanese stuff. I've had a titanium handled M16 for years and it has held up well, but the blade is a little too hard to take an edge. It didn't come very sharp and I can seem to get it to sharpen at all. It also has a knurled part on the blade pivot that chews up the back of my hand any time I reach into my pocket for anything.

I have a Benchmade Griptilian tanto that I'm much happier with.

glockfire 02-02-2008 06:15 PM

I carry my M21 all the time. I love CRKTs knives, especially the titanium ones.

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