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Swervin 02-18-2013 03:52 AM

What's my brass worth...?
Have 800 rounds of lake city 308. rounds.... Someone offered 150 bucks. Don't know how many times it's been loaded. Given to me with a bunch of reloading equip. Am I getting ripped or a fair price.

winds-of-change 02-18-2013 03:58 AM

I recycle brass when I get enough. About $1.65/pound right now.

Swervin 02-18-2013 04:01 AM

So I'm sure there isn't that much in weight so good deal?

winds-of-change 02-18-2013 04:05 AM

I don't know about reloading. I don't know what reloaders look for in brass.

dog2000tj 02-18-2013 04:08 AM

if you got it for nothing and you don't know if/how many times it's been reloaded I would think it is a good deal.

once fired military mix is selling for about $130 for 500

robocop10mm 02-18-2013 03:39 PM

With the unknown "times fired" factor $150 is very fair. Sight unseen, I would not pay that much. Truly once fired worth a bit more.

Swervin 02-19-2013 02:32 AM

Thanks for the input guys...

Apex-Predator 02-19-2013 04:03 AM

800 for $150....YEP I only pay $15 per 100 for once fired at the range, so you would be getting over retail for them.

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