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What Makes a Caliber Become Popular??

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Originally Posted by jpattersonnh View Post
Most of the time it comes back to what the arms those calibers were used in. The 6.5x55, 6.5x54... are not equal. The 6.5 still has only a small following. Here in the U.S. we have been fixated on .30 caliber. If the original design for the M1 Garand in .276 Pederson had been adopted, the .30 caliber would have gone the way of the .30-40 Gov't and only used in existing rifles. 7x57 has a small following in the U.S., but the .280 is doing fairly well. The .260 is doing ok, and the 6.5x55 has a small, but dedicated following. Metric calibers have never been really accepted here. Even cartridges such as the .358 Winchester fall out of favor for bigger, faster, longer range even though the new cartridge is still only used in the same way on the same game at the same distances.
The 8mm Rem mag is a great example of a cartridge that never caught on. When Loaded correctly w/ a 220gr bullet at 500 yards has the same energy as a .308 at the muzzle. For most obscure calibers you really need to roll your own.
To a point your right about metric calibres BUT if the military said that we use 7.62 ammo and 5.56 ammo in most of our field weapons everybody KNOWs that they're using .308 and .223's but if I said that I'm using a 7.62 x63mm a lot of people will look at you with glazed eyes and say :"Your using a WHAT?" when in reality it's a 30/06.
The 6.5 calibres have a reaonably good following here as it gets used on pigs,goats and deer and is a great little hunting round with some very good accurracy.

Here in Australia metric calibres and your standard everyday calibres have a acceptance and as long as it makes big holes in things and drops a buff or pig or camel,etc nobody really cares and like most gun owners somebody will always have a obscure calibre that went out with the Ark but still gets used and you can in most cases neck down or up another calibre case to get your desired case or in Australia's case we have a company down here that makes cases for some obscure calibres especially in blackpowder.
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Unfortunately, I think popularity has been unduly influenced to a very great degree by the douche bags that sling bullsh!t in the gun rags.
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Originally Posted by locutus View Post
Unfortunately, I think popularity has been unduly influenced to a very great degree by the douche bags that sling bullsh!t in the gun rags.

While there are many calibers I'd "like" to own, there are certain "must have" loadings that I will NOT be without simply because when the SHTF and scavenging becomes the only method of procurement left...well, that .460 Rowland might be a tad tough to feed.

9 MM
.40 S&W
.45 ACP
.38 Special/.358. Magnum
7.62 x 57/.308
7.62 x 39
5.56 MM/.223 Remington
12 G

I still need to add the .308...saving for an M1A to fill the bill...

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