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What grain 30-06 for long range

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IN a 30-06 a 168gr will get you to 800 BARELY. 175 would be better and 1850gr would be even better. Your, not going to find much most will be 168gr match ammo.

Here is a place that will load exactly what you you want.

It is going to cost quite a bit though.
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I would start with a 168 grain BTHP and start working at 500 yards. Hand loading would be best. You need to be able to drive your rifle properly, understand your optic, and start getting Dope on your rifle. You need to start mastering yourself your respirations and concetration, you also need to understand the math of Mils, parabalas etc. @ 500 yards things tend to be a bit easier then you move on from their.

Truly I believe the proper caliber for 100 yards is the .300 win. and for hunting applications the .338 win mag.

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With the right rifle and scope, the .30-06, handloaded with 190 Sierra Matchkings should get you to 1000 yards.

Don't expect to hit prairie dogs, but it should hit a military/police silhouette if you have the skill.
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Here's what you can do when you get serious. From a bud who shoots regularly on the 1000 yard range at Quantico ...

I just came back from the range with my 1917 Aussie No1MKIII* Lee Enfield which saw
service in WWI and WWII, maybe Korea but definitely both World Wars.

Don't need to shoot FMJ full up 303 ammo in it as I got the No.4 for the long distance heavy work and thought I would develop a cast bullet service load, with Unique powder that would be a nice soft but accurate training round (like I did for the M1 rifle I got for lead bullet shooting). Its taken me 4 range sessions and some more than normal load, alloy development and finding the right sizing die but with a .314 sized bullet it will do an inch easily and a bit better if I use a magnum rifle primer with this pistol powder loading.

Load shot today was 175 gr cast with gas checks (my aluminum ones), sized .314, reg CCI 34 primers, 14 gr Unique pistol powder, Carnuba Red hard stick lube by White Label. Cases were all neck sized brass.

From a cold barrel the first shot group is wide and high and on second , I was adjusting sight far too low but as you can see, with some fiddling around with rear leaf sight using the "worm screw" on the leaf, I was able by group 5 to have a tight group. This target shows the Pt of Aim to be the white tape as noted. Load is 14 gr Unique, 180 gr Lee 303 mold which drops bullets 175 with 60% wheel wts & 40% Linotype, sized .314. Regular CCI 34 primer used.

Second target shows same load but with magnum primers with a 6 o'clock Pt of Aim on bulls eye. This load might do okay at 200 yds ... or maybe not. Anyhow its accurate and shot 1.5 inches high of POA while the regular primed load shoots basically point of aim at 100 yds.

I got a few hundred mag rifle primers to use up so here is a good way to do it. The mag primers showed a beginning of primer flattening with 14 gr Unique and the non mag primers showed zero flattening. Goes to show: change primer and things can get interesting.

The rifle wanted a .314 sized bullet. I knew that once I had a 3 inch group (finally after many range trips and loads tested) with same alloy, load and a .313 sized bullet. Things worked out nicely. Now it may or may not make any difference but my cast bullets are 175 grain and the rifle was made to shoot 174gr bullets so perhaps rifle twist of barrel matches well with these 175 gr bullets of mine.

This load feels like a M1 carbine to fire , very easy on the old rifle and brings out its accuracy.
Will be a fun training rifle for 100 yd and the load costs me 9 cents a shot so its easy on the wallet as well. Shoot more for less money,less wear on me and rifle but allow me to get better at off hand and other position shooting. Reduced bulls eye targets at 100 yds can make it seem like the sight picture is 200 and 300 yds. Very fine training situation and more shooting fun.

Conclusion : 1917 war horse has its long term 100 yd shooting load and she still can bring in the accuracy if fed what she wants and shooter performs to standard. Anyone who says a light cast bullet load won't punch accuracy at 100 yds has not tried hard enough in load development.

Yes: time to retire these two target boards as I have worked them to death. Just be advised the target backer boards are provided to me by Democrats who graciously left the signs on the road leading to my house in hopes of being re elected to office. I thank them for contributing to my shooting program and I voted all of them out of office. Every round shot into the boards is a shot into a liberal who is against gun ownership... so even my shots that
go astray are well spent !

The day at the range would have been perfect had not my son Colt not showed up at the house just prior to departure to range, cleared my shelf of all 45acp and 9mm ammo loaded up and then shot it all today...leaving me with a huge bag of fired brass. Last night I was feeling kind of good as I had a great reserve of all flavors of ammo loaded up and would not be making any ammo in the near term. Now that supply is long gone on pistol ammo !

lithgow_100_yd_175_cast_map_primers.jpg   lithgow_100_yds_175_cast_reg_primers.jpg  
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