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billt 10-12-2009 08:56 PM

Varget, IMR4064, And The Springfield M-1A?
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone could give me a nice light load in either Varget, or IMR 4064, with 150 Gr. FMJ Hornady bullets that will cycle the Springfield M-1A reliably without undo wear on the action. I'm not looking for a Camp Perry load, just a nice light load for the gun for ringing steel gongs at 100 yards. I'm mainly looking for reliability without beating up the action. Thanks in advance, Bill T.

cpttango30 10-20-2009 11:22 AM

Might want to take this and put it in the reloading section and you might get a few more bites on it.

Sierra and Hornady both list 308 loads for semiauto rifles and I think Sierra lists some specifically for the M-1a.

Silvertip 44 10-23-2009 02:23 AM

Check your Hornady manual for specific loads for the M1A. My M1As love IMR4895 and 168 grain bullets (Sierra MK, Hornady Amax, and Nosler BT).

Warren2 10-24-2009 04:37 PM

In my Springfield m1a for plinking i use IMR 3031 powder. I use this powder in my AR15, the m1a, and my 30-06. For plinking without a lot of jolt with the m1a i find that 40 to 42 works out quite nicely using a 150gr fmj. I normally use 147 to 168gr for general shooting. Works good for me in all guns.

ronl 11-05-2009 01:11 AM

I usually shoot 155 and 168 Match bullets in the M1A and mine really likes 41.5 grains of 4064 with either bullet. Generally around 2600fps or slightly less.

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