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ARnoob 07-02-2009 01:42 PM

U.S. made 55 - gr. FMJ .223 Ammo (made by a Department of Defense contractor)
I saw this on sportsmansguide. It's listed as being made by a Department of Defense contractor. Someone mentioned that it's manufactured by Centurion Ordnance, Inc. Does anyone know much about it? It's relatively inexpensive given the current market. Here's the link:

500 Rds. 55 - Gr. Fmj .223 Ammo, Rifle Ammunition, Military/Surplus at Sportsman's Guide

Thanks for your help guys.

Cnynrat 07-02-2009 01:52 PM

Don't know about this ammo, but right now you can get 1000 rounds of 55 Gr FMJ .223 by PMC from Surplus Ammo for $10 less.

I buy from these guys regularly and have always been happy with their service.

EDIT: Now that I look closer I see you can get the stuff from Sportmansguide a little cheaper if you are in their club. Still, I think the PMC is a good buy in today's ammo market.

robocop10mm 07-02-2009 04:10 PM

Centurion is based outside of San Antonio, TX. I believe they are the current morph of B-K bullets. B-K was a decent commercial reloading company. We used their ammo for many years and had few problems. They folded up and reopened supplying a variety of ammo including the Aguila line.

Aguila is made in Mexico and has a decent reputation for their .22 rim fire ammo. A word of caution - Aguila does not carry any product liability insurance on their. ammo. Mexican law shields them from law suits. If their ammo damages your gun or you, you have little or no recourse. You are SOL.

Centurion is a brand name that I cannot find much about. Are they a DoD contractor? I do not know. If they are, they are not likely making ammo for American troops/weapons. They may be supplying ammo to DoD who in turn gives it to our allies (Iraqi, Afgan, etc.). For that price, I would be inclined to go with PMC.

ARnoob 07-02-2009 09:22 PM

Thanks for the help guys. PMC sounds like the better option here.

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