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billt 05-23-2009 10:22 AM

Sportsmans Guide Has 9MM Ball In Stock
Sportsmans Guide has Fiocchi 9MM Ball in stock for $330.00 a thousand. Not the best price, but not too bad. I ordered a thousand last night and it came to an even $350.00 delivered. Some of their 9MM is back ordered until the end of September! Bill T.

Fiocchi 9 Mm 130 - Gr. Tmj 250 Rds., Pistol Ammunition, Fiocchi at Sportsman's Guide

m72law 05-23-2009 03:22 PM

i dont know about the other wally worlds (walmarts) out there...but the one close to me has winchester 115gr fmj 100rds box for 20bucks and some change...1000 for around 215.00...its decent plinking ammo...lil dirty...AIM had wolf 9mm 50rds 10.50 a box...but of course its gone right now so is the 223's,7.62's,308' sure they'll be stocking more soon...:rolleyes:

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