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Kdub 03-07-2013 05:33 PM

selling ammo for a business
I was recently thinking about starting a business selling remanufactured ammo. What requirements are there to make this a legitimate business? Licenses, documents, etc? Has anyone here done this before?

c3shooter 03-07-2013 05:53 PM

There is a world of difference between SELLING ammo (made by someone else) and LOADING (or reloading/ remanufacturing) ammo.

If you plan to reload for commercial purposes, you will need a FFL as a Type 7 FFL ($30/ 3 yrs) and pay a Federal Excise Tax on what you manufacture. You will also need to be licensed under ITAR, and pay a fee of not less than $2,250/ yr. You will also need a business license.

I would STRONGLY urge you to incorporate, and get Products Liability insurance.

Kdub 03-07-2013 06:10 PM

Well I guess that solves that. Thanks C3.

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