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joedog1991 01-20-2010 05:47 PM

Sako ammo
Hi (it's the noob again) does anyone know where to find sako's ammo specifications/where to buy their ammo?
Also what do y'all think about tikka's t3 7 mag as a 100-400 yard hunting rifle?

robocop10mm 01-20-2010 07:36 PM

According to SAKO's web site this is the US distributor for their ammo:
Tel: 1-301-283 2191
Fax: 1-301-283 0435

I have never seen SAKO made ammo. Norma, Lapua, RWS etc sure but no SAKO.

cpttango30 01-21-2010 03:32 PM

Sako does have a line of ammo. It used the same bullets as other premium ammo does it just names them different. Why not shoot federal, or Winchester ammo or any of the other umpteen thousand different makers out there. Sako ammo is going to be way more expensive do to import and it having the name SAKO on it.

robocop10mm 01-21-2010 04:06 PM

I concur with the esteemed Tango.

jpattersonnh 01-21-2010 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by robocop10mm (Post 216301)
I concur with the esteemed Tango.

I do also, "If" we are talking 7mmRem Mag or a short mag.

jpattersonnh 01-21-2010 08:22 PM

Back to the Rifle. The T3 is adequate for the ranges to specify. I always used heavy bullets, 175gr for long distance. I have stepped back and have started using 129, 140 and 160gr. The Newer bullet designs in the 140, 150, and 160gr class carry more velocity and energy, considerably more than the older 170..175gr at distances to 500 yards. I started loading Barnes 160gr XFB, but have made the move to 140gr XFB. I have enough of both to last me the rest of my life for thick game hunting. Be careful of Ballistic tips. I hit a whitetail at 200 yards and the bullet blew up on a rib. My second shot was in the neck. I never had one get up before that.

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