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ccrow175 06-02-2013 03:32 AM

reloading brass value
Hey guys, figured this would be the place to find a value on some brass. I have roughly 18,000 once fired 38 special brass/nickel cases sitting in 5 gallon thinking of getting rid of them since its more than i will ever load. I would say about 95% are good to go, no dents dings or corrosion. Can anyone give me a ball park on what i could maybe get for these as a whole? Probably 75% brass 25% nickel

robocop10mm 06-02-2013 04:36 AM

That stuff is COVERED in toxic lead residue and must be disposed of properly. I have an EPA issued license to recycle such hazardous waste. Just send me about 5000 pieces and I will give you an estimate to dispose of the rest.

JK. SHould be worth about $2/lb at the scrap yard or $.04 each to a loader, if there is anyone left loading .38 Spl.

If interested in trades, post on the "Brass Trader" thread. Otherwise refrain from attempting to sell on the open forum, please

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