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mvwruger 05-17-2012 01:32 AM

question about the lnl press
has any of the hornaday LNL fans out there had any problems with the dies adjustment moving around during use?

noylj 05-20-2012 08:10 AM

If a die works loose, either the die wasn't locked down tight or the bushing worked loose. Neither are the fault of the press.
The only problems I have had are:
1) The powder measure loosening the bushing. The powder measure is VERY top heavy. I had a bushing with what must have been an undersized O-ring. The bushing worked loose and the powder measure went up instead of dispensing. I switched with another bushing and problem solved. I have read others had this problem and Hornady can supply a--what is that word???--any way, a strip of metal that goes between the bushing and press to make the lock-up tighter. A shim!! It's terrible getting old.
2) The primers were not being fully seated. Found that my shell plate had gotten loose. Tightened it down and all was well. Put blue Lok-Tite on it and never had the problem again.

mvwruger 05-21-2012 03:35 PM

thankyou noylj
I am planning on getting into reloading and currantly looking at the lnl single stage press but was told by a local gunsmith/reloader that he had to canstanly readjust the dies. I kinda thought that the problem was from not locking it down properly

noylj 05-23-2012 05:43 AM

I have heard someone complain that his Lee dies kept working loose. Lee uses an O-ring in the locking ring that forms a friction lock. When I turn a Lee lock ring down tight, I have never had a die work loose and can't imagine how it works loose. I tried to ask if his lock rings have an O-ring and he said he didn't care--they worked loose and he now had the dies "duct taped" down so they wouldn't move. I wonder if some people just don't understand lock-rings or what?
With any progressive press, go slow, read the manual and reference at each step, check everything in the beginning, be prepared to call the manufacturer while you are at the press if you have a problem, don't force anything (remove all cases from the shell plate and determine the cause of the problem), and KEEP THINGS CLEAN. If you spill some powder, stop, remove all case, remove shell plate, and clean up the spill. If the powder works its way over to the priming system, it can really mess things up.

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