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scoutman 03-31-2008 04:07 AM

Primer Pocket Swager
Anybody use a primer pocket swager for reloading milspec brass? I just picked up several thousand rounds of military once fired and am looking at either the Dillon or the RCBS units. Any suggestions?

1hole 03-31-2008 02:38 PM

I have used the RCBS and it worked fine. I'm sure Dillion's would too.

I actually prefer the Lyman primer pocket reamer/crimp remover tool and use it in my case trimmer to keep things aligned.

gnoll 04-02-2008 03:49 AM

1hole love your posts keep up the good work
i also use RCBS

scoutman 04-02-2008 03:57 AM


Originally Posted by 1hole (Post 20446)
I actually prefer the Lyman primer pocket reamer/crimp remover tool and use it in my case trimmer to keep things aligned.

Please elaborate. I have never seen one. I assume it uses the collet from the case trimmer and employs an oversized tension pin between the shell holder and the case????

1hole 04-02-2008 07:55 PM

"Please elaborate. I have never seen one."

It would be worth your time to find Lyman's web site and request a free catalog. DON'T buy direct from them tho, find someone like Midway for that.

Lyman sells the "Universal Case Trimmer" (avoid the "Accu-Trimmer) with 9 neck pilots. They also sell a "Case Care Kit" which is basically a small pedestal mounted hand cranked tool that a series of tools screw into. That includes a primer pocket cleaner, mil. crimp reamer, neck champher/debur tool (I don't care much for its debur function), and a cone shaped steel tool with a rimmed case-like base that fits into the trimmer's shell holder.

Put the cone tool in the shell holder and screw the pocket reamer (or their primer pocket uniformer if you want one) into an adapter for the cutter shaft. Then, holding the case backwards from normal, centered in the trimmer, turn the trimmer's crank and cut away at the pocket. It's all straight in line with the case because of the nose cone fitted into the neck, so the sides of the primer pockets aren't scored or cut slanted.

I have never understood why Lyman tools in general, and especially the excellant "Universal Case Trimmer", gets ignored by the printed gun media. Perhaps it's because Lyman doesn't send "free-bee tools" to writers? For instance, (I don't use one) but the Orange Crusher press is every bit as good as those painted greeen (like mine), etc., but the others get no press. And Lyman, like Lee, has some excellant tools that are unique to them, such as the tools mentioned above.

Lyman, IMHO, sells the very best pistol dies due to their excellant straight wall case expanders. (OK, so Redding is now marketing copies of the 40 year old Lyman expander design, so they work good too.)

scoutman 04-02-2008 09:40 PM

Thanks 1Hole. I already have a case trimmer much the same as you describe, though it was made by Hornady/Pacific. Perhaps the case care kit will work with it. Thanks again for the info.

Catfish 04-05-2008 01:14 AM

I much prefer the primer pocket swedger over the reamer. The reamer takes far more time and I do not get the accuracy with it that I do the swedger. I just finished about 800 round with the RCBS. I have never used the Dillon swedger, but from the way it looks in their catilog and what I`ve seen in their other equipment I`m sure I would prefer it over the RCBS and a press, but if you already have a heavy press the RCBS will do the job alot cheaper. With the Layman reamers I seem to never get the pockets right to work right in my Dillon press.

1hole 04-06-2008 01:47 AM

"...With the Layman reamers I seem to never get the pockets right..."

Yeah, it can be demanding to ream them straight by hand. That's why I like to do them on the case trimmer, it insures alignment and makes for straight primer pockets.

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