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jeepcreep927 11-23-2008 04:48 AM

Powders For .223
I am trying to narrow down, without trying a bunch, powders for .223, 55 grain and lighter bullets. Will be used in a T/C Encore, never in a semi auto. So far I am looking at 748, H335 and IMR 4198.

I was going to get a pound of each to figure out what shoots best in my rifle, then go from there. I still don't understand burn rates in relation to caliber and bullet weight very well...

Am I missing any obvious ones? I know a particular rife will have a preference, but at $20+ a pound, I want to try to stick with three, maybe four, different ones.

I'd appreciate any advice or experiences. I am not looking for stupid velocity, primarily accuracy. Thanks.

robocop10mm 11-24-2008 01:38 PM

W-748 (my favorite) and H-335 are very similar powders. 4198 is an extruded powder with different characteristics. The former will tend to meter better and burn cooler. 4198 will tend to burn cleaner.

I have used Varget with good results. It is sort of in between the two types above. BLC-2 is another ball powder similar to W-748 and H-335.

TXnorton 11-24-2008 07:21 PM

If you read through several different reloading manuals you can get a feel for what powders work best in each cartridge.

I have had the same thought process and try to minimize the number of powder types I have to keep on hand. I ended up selecting IMR 4198 for the .223. I use the same load in my AR-15's as in my (old) Contender 14" barrel pistol.


robocop10mm 11-24-2008 09:31 PM

I chose W-748 because it meters well, works well in everything from .223 to .30-06 and is available in 8 lb kegs locally.

The same could be said for any number of other powders. You just gotta shoot some to see what your gun(s) like(s).

Catfish 11-25-2008 12:14 AM

The .223 will shoot good with a wide range of powders. At present I`m loading AA 2230-c. It a data powder ( an over run powder that the manfacture produced for the milatary that is no quite like any powder he makes. They sell them cheaper, but you have only an idea of the burn rate. Not for begining loaders.) I bought it because it was under $ 9 / lb. It shoots great. I have loaded alot of different powders in the .223 and most worked very well. I would recomand you just buy 1 lb. of powder, of your choice and work up loads with it, then if your not happy with your groups buy a lb. of something else. Play with setting depth ect. My guess is that you will get a load to suit you with the first powder you try. H-335 would be a good starter, but many others are as good.

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