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nate 12-31-2010 03:44 PM

Powder rec. for 22-250
Just getting started reloading for my 22-250. Finished my workbench and got the press bolted down arround 2am this morning. Planning on shooting Horniday Amax 52g and maybe some Barnes Varmint Grenades. Was gona go with H380 powder but after looking in the book and seeing you have to use magnum primers and quiet a heavier load to shoot slower fps than the Reloader 10x Im thinking about going with that. Any tips?

JonM 12-31-2010 03:56 PM

different powders give different accuracy and accurate loads are almost never max loads. the difference in accuracy from one powder to the next isnt that great. i usually pick a powder that doesnt have to be compressed. cci primers are a middle of the road primer i get em when i can most of them can be used magnum or standard loads.

you will be surprised how fast a rifle cartridge will go through a pound of powder. ill pick a liekly powder and work up loads in .5 grain increments and test for accuracy. then repeat with other powders.

hogrider 12-31-2010 04:51 PM

I got a very accurate load with 35.8 grs. of Varget with my .22-250.:) I know that's not one you was thinking about but it works good for me.

Creeker 01-07-2011 02:06 PM

Plenty of good powders out there for the .22-250. I use IMR 4064 but there are others that work just fine.

nate 01-08-2011 01:13 AM

Thanks I got a pound of H380 and loaded some up last night. All I need now is some decent weather to try them out. I think I'm gona try some of the Superformance powder when it comes out too.

jpattersonnh 01-08-2011 04:41 AM

It has been out!! In the cold, a stick powder will work best.

stalkingbear 01-08-2011 01:44 PM

Be SURE to remember that the loads you work up now will be hotter when the weather turns warm/hot! This applies to almost all powders except for those specially formulated to stay the same pressure regardless of temp.

nate 01-08-2011 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by jpattersonnh (Post 417576)
It has been out!! In the cold, a stick powder will work best.

I seen it on cabelas website and drove up there to get some and some other stuff and was very dissapointed in there selection. The guy working there said all they had in the case was all they had or he was too lazy to go in the back to get it. Then I seen on Hodgdons website it says its not out till the middle of the month so I quit looking. Oh well plenty of time till the groundhogs come out to play catch with me.

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