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jjfuller1 06-03-2012 12:31 PM

new loads
last weekend i was able to try out a couple different loads. i didnt snap any pictures of the targets though. my .223 loads i shot at a used target. my .40 did good but simply forgot to take the picture. moving on.

.223 loads.
pmc brass
cci small rifle primer
IMR 3031 24.4gr
winchester 55gr fmj

pmc brass
CCI primer
H335 25.1 gr
win 55 fmj

i shot the IMR first. it cycled fine but seemed to run almost rough though. like a car thats needs a tune up. i then shot the H335 loads. i was a little nervous as my data said i needed magnum primers with this powder and i only had standard on hand. i figured well it should still work, just maybe not as consistant. so i tried them. WOW. each shot was smooth and crisp, 10 times better than the IMR felt. i loaded up a bunch more to test for accuracy. im sure it will do just what i expext out of it.

on to the .40.
the loads

RWS match grade brass
win231 4.8 and 4.9gr
hornady xtp hp 180gr
CCI primer

after looking over my target after the previous range trip and some from other trips i decided to try to adjust my rear sight. i was hitting to the left pretty consistantly. after this adjusment and trying these new loads i was satisfied i made the right decision. all my shots were centered, the only deviation i had was vertically. all my shots with both powder weights landed on paper at 15yards. i didnt notice much in the way of difference between the 2 loads so i loaded up some more at just shy of 4.9.. about 4.85 in theory. next time i will try to snap a few pictures.

steve4102 06-03-2012 03:12 PM

Thanks for the report.
I'm, curious what type of rifle and what do you mean rough like needing a tune up?

jjfuller1 06-03-2012 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by steve4102
Thanks for the report.
I'm, curious what type of rifle and what do you mean rough like needing a tune up?

Rifle = Stag AR-15 model 2

Rough. To me it sounded like a delayed powder burn where some burnt before the rest causing the bolt to cycle sluggish. It cycled fully but it felt like I could hear and feel something. With the h335 all I heard was a nice woosh and small boing... Little hard to find good words to describe it. Just something was defiantly different between the 2.

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