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fupuk 10-01-2012 04:57 PM

New guy to reloading.
Just got my hands on a great deal i think on a new RCBS rock chucker supreme master reloading kit. Im starting out with .38/.357 because thats what i shoot most. I got one pound of unique powder 100 winchester primers and 100 hornady bullets. I spent almost two hours at the gun store talking to the "bullet" guy and he showed me everything needed to reload. He showed me how to set up a press. And he even let me make my own round on the same model press i bought. Granted there was no primer and no powder, but he spent the time to show me how to set everythig up. Ive read the speer #14 manual when i got home. And im gonna get a couple more books from a different company for referance. I still have the press and all the items still in the box untill i read a few more books. But i have everything i need to start reloading just need to read before i actually start making ammunition. The only thing i do need is a good caliper. They were out of calipers so I have to buy that when they get those in stock. What do you experianced reloaders suggest i get that im not thinking of, or you have found over time that works or is needed? Im thinking items that are over looked. Thank you in advance for the sugestions and I will be back for help in the near future.

LongRifle50 10-01-2012 11:27 PM

Electronic scale. The balance beam gets old real quick.

sdiver35 10-02-2012 12:35 AM

Start slow and if in doubt on something it's worth the time to double and triple check everything. If you don't have a bullet puller that would be good to have should you "think" you messed something up. It also gives you the option to test your setup on a cartridge without primer or powder to get the press ready and then take them apart for use again later.

Have fun and be safe.

fupuk 10-02-2012 12:49 AM

Those are two things i do need. It comes with a balance beam scale and i do need a bullet puller. The guy at the gun store did tell me about getting a bullet puller but i forgot to grab one. I will defenitly have one before i start to reload. And the electronic scale is next on my list. I figured the balance beam scale will work untill i get the electronic scale.
Thanks for the input.

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