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CelticStormer 08-10-2011 12:50 AM

NEED HELP reloading question
did my first batch of .45 auto and i was super impressed by my results but either my gun dosent like hollow points (im switching to ball) or im doing something else wrong these were my first rounds ive reloaded so go easy on me lol heres my load data:

.45 Auto 200gr Hornady XTP Hollow Points
Alliant Blue Dot 8.3gr
CCI Large Pistol Primers
Mix of Federal and PMC brass (dont know if that might have anything to do with it)
COL: 1.230

im firing these through a FNP 45 Tactical and it was a mixed batch of faliure to chamber or failure to eject and some wouldnt even seat into the chamber!! any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Semper Fi

wooleybooger 08-10-2011 02:13 AM

new brass or once or more fired? new brass will sometimes need a trim to get it to proper length.if its range pickup ill at least lock my caliper and give each case a pass thru. what diameter are youre bullets? are youre cases bulged all the way down to the bottom of the bullet? is youre chamber clean? take the barrel out and drop some rounds in and see what happens.

Fred007 08-10-2011 05:37 AM

Do you have a case gauge? If not, you need to get one and spot check. Also, if you are having feeding issues, look at the cases closely to see if any are bulged out. Glocks have a tendency to bulge the brass so you have to be careful to get them all sized properly. Did you tumble the brass? i.e. was it clean when you reloaded it? Are you using a carbide sizing die? I've reloaded 1000s of .45s and a couple of weeks ago my son and I took a class and fired about 4,600 rounds in 3 days. Had one issue out of all those rounds. I did have an issue with a case being bulged out and it would not feed. Turned out my sizer had backed out a bit and I was just not quite sizing the whole case. Using the case gauge eliminated the rounds that had sizing problems.

Also, from my experience Blue Dot is pretty dirty powder. Don't have much experience in the .45 but with other pistol calibers it is pretty messy. I've been using Winchester Super Target lately and that has been pretty good. Had always used Unique before and continue to have good luck with that powder, but like Blue Dot is dirtier than the WST loads.

Shooting 1911s, HK USP, S&W M&P all in .45 have not really had any issues with feeding all kinds of bullets. Wad Cutters, Truncated Cone Lead, Flat nose jacketed and lead, all have generally fed fine. If i had issues, it generally could be traced to something else. Also, most of my brass is older military brass so I don't think the issue you are having is related to the brass.

noylj 08-10-2011 05:10 PM

1) You NEVER need to trim .45 Auto cases.
2) Your gun came with a perfect case gage. Don't waste your money.
3) Never got decent results with Blue Dot in .45 Auto. It is a low pressure round that does best with fast powders. Try AA2, AA5, 231/HP38, or such.
4) Have you read a reloading manuals or two?
You need to establish the COL that is best for your gun. YOu need to check your sized brass drops into your barrel easily
You need to be sure that all case mouth flare/bell is removed
You need to be sure to properly expand the case ID after sizing and not just flare/bell the case mouth
Once you have seated a bullet on an inert round (no primer or powder), drop it in your barrel to be sure it chambers easily. If not, mark the bullet and case mouth area with a magic marker, drop in chamber, rotate round back and forth, remove round and determine where the rub marks are. If on the bullet, you need to seat the bullet deeper. If on the case, you didn't remove enough of the case mouth flare/bell.
When this round chambers easily, create another inert round. Verify that these dummy rounds fit your magazine and feed and chamber in your gun.
At this point, you can consider creating some live rounds. Start with a starting load and make 20 rounds. Take these to the range and see if they work.

lonewolf101 08-10-2011 05:59 PM

try some BULLEYE or UNIQUE.

Fred007 08-11-2011 01:11 AM

From my experience, Bullseye is a bit twitchy as the charges are very small. Unique on the other hand was a powder we had great success with.

For the case gauge, I find it valuable and worth the investment. While you can use a barrel, it won't show you a very simple indicator of your COL. And, is not subject to the wear/tear of firing.

wooleybooger 08-11-2011 03:13 AM

as far as trimming 45acp brass i have found some brands of new brass need to be checked and a few trimmed before starting. maybe 1 in 20 needs a trim. brass i have reloaded and fired a few times i dont worry about other than a visual and feel inspection. brass i dont know(gift,found,or internet auction) i always check. i use bullseye exclusively in 45acp now although when i started i worried about measuring and metering.

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